Gran’s epic rant on hoarders ‘buying all the toilet roll’ has people in stitches

A pensioner's foul-mouthed rant about people panic buying toilet roll and face masks has left people in stitches.

The woman has been dubbed "fantastic" for branding hoarders greedy f***ers in the epic tirade.

In her video, watched by thousands online, the elderly woman has blasted the "bad state of affairs" the country currently languishes in.

She says: "No what a bad state of affairs we are in? I can't believe what is f***ing happening. Now, anyone going out now can't get a mask, of course you can't because all you greedy f***ers doubled up on them so, if I go out, which I won't, I've got to go out… [waves a scarf across her face] like that.

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"Now, we see a picture on the internet last night of an elderly lady facing empty shelves. She could not buy a f***ing thing. Now, give a thought to the elderly and all those that can't get out.

"I come from a war and don't remember anything like this. Stuff was rationed but we all got our share.

"Now, everybody's going mad, buying all the f***ing toilet rolls up. Why? Don't you normally buy them? The stores should only be letting people have one per customer. No, but the stores are greedy b******s and they're not.

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"Now, all start crying within the next week or so when the toilet [roll] prices f***ing double. Well, we'll see about that. You'll all be using newspaper like we did in the war."

Supermarket bosses have begged shoppers to stop piling their trolleys with groceries but many have persisted to clear the shelves.

Photos have captured the messy scenes in shops everywhere, including a Tesco in Colney Hatch, north London, where shelves were "cleared like a riot".

So, Twitter users applauded the pensioner this week.

One wrote: "Fantastic x"

Another added: "Jesus why does it always take an average Joe to tell those in charge how it is."

A third posted: "Ain't that the truth"

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