Grayson Dolan Confirms Ethan Emma Chamberlain Relationship, Rumors

There has been speculation that Ethan Dolan and Emma Chamberlain are secretly dating for, like, ever. Between the rumors that they were holding hands while out and about and the blurred-out Polaroids in a recent video, supporters of both YouTube stars are pretty convinced they’re in a real-life relationship. While nothing on the Ethma front has been confirmed officially yet, many people are speculating that ED’s twin brother, Grayson Dolan, accidentally confirmed the romance.

A few days ago, the 18-year-olds posted a video titled “HAUNTED HOUSE ft. James Charles & Emma Chamberlain” on their joint Dolan Twins YT channel. The 17-year-old explains that the friends are going to a “haunted insane asylum” when Grayson corrects her and says it’s not haunted, but rather abandoned. Ethan then jumps in to make fun of his brother for saying the word ‘insane’ weird, so Gray fires back.

“Well, we both f*cked up — me and your girlfriend,” GD says to his bro… well, at least that’s what people think he said, as he bleeped out the last word of the sentence.

While Grayson even included a pumpkin emoji to cover his mouth so no one could read his lips, fans are pretty freakin’ convinced they figured out what he did by accident.

Ethan, Emma and James Charles, who was also in the video, were absolutely SHOOK after Grayson said, so we have a feeling the speculation could be accurate. Em is still underage, so perhaps the YouTubers are waiting for her 18th birthday before officially confirming their love.

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