Greta Van Fleet: 5 Things To Know About The Rock Band At Coachella

Here’s everything you need to know about American rock band, Greta Van Fleet, that has everyone at Coachella buzzing.

1.) Greta Van Fleet is made up of four members. Their is vocalist Josh Kiszka, guitarist Jake Kiszka, bassist Sam Kiszka, and drummer Danny Wagner. The group hails from Frankenmuth, Michigan where they originally formed in 2012 with a different drummer, Kyle Hauck. Josh, Jake, Sam and Danny originally bonded over their love for blues music, which they try to incorporate into their own sound as much as possible.

2.) No surprise here: Josh, Jake and Sam are related! Well, duh. According to Wikipedia, Josh, Jake and Sam are brothers. Actually, here’s a real fun fact: Josh and Jake are actually twins. Yes, really — and Sam is their younger brother. Sadly, Kyle decided to leave in 2012 but another musician friend, Josh, quickly took over the responsibilities.

3.) They made a splash at Coachella. Even before the biggest music festival of the year, Greta Van Fleet were all anyone going to Coachella were thinking about. In fact, the group was one of the Top 10 most buzzed about emerging artists on Instagram ahead of the fest’s first weekend!

4.) Josh’s lead vocalist voice has been compared to legends. For example, his “husky” sound has often reminded critics and music lovers alike of Led Zeppelin‘s iconic Robert Plant.

5.) Greta Van Fleet has released two EPs over the years. Since their 2012 inception, the group released Black Smoke Rising and From the Fires, both in 2017. Their singles, “Highway Tune” and “From the Fires” have both peaked at the #1 spot on the US Main Rock charts. Now that’s something to brag about!

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