‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Sarah Drew Teases Possible Return Amid New Japril Storyline — ‘Never Say Never’

Sarah Drew made a surprising exit from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ this past May, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we’ve seen the last of April!

Jackson and April fans (“Japril” shippers) were sent into a frenzy during the Nov. 8 episode of Grey’s Anatomy, when Jackson told Maggie that he’s been talking to April again and missing their relationship. Obviously, Sarah Drew left the series this past May, so it was bittersweet to hear Jackson say he’s missing April, when Sarah wasn’t even present for the actual storyline. When HollywoodLife spoke to Sarah Drew EXCLUSIVELY at The Stars of Lifetime’s Christmas Movie Opening Night at The Grove in Los Angeles on Nov. 14, she told us, “I heard something about that [storyline], but I haven’t been watching.”

Sarah also told us she’s “not thinking about [Grey’s Anatomy] much anymore. I’m kind of moving on with my life and excited to enter into this new chapter.” But — that doesn’t mean she’d be opposed to returning if the show’s producers wanted to bring her back and flesh out this new Japril storyline. “I think I’m never going to say no. Those are my friends and family over there, but I definitely did say goodbye to that character and I had some good closure with it emotionally. Yeah, I’ll never say never,” she explained.

Sarah also recently revealed that she was “heartbroken” after leaving Grey’s Anatomy, so we can totally understand why talking about the series can be a sore subject for her. “In a way, you almost feel like you’re attending your own funeral. Weirdly. But in a really beautiful way,” the actress said at BAFTA’s pre-Emmys party on Sept. 15, when talking to Vulture about her sudden exit from the series. Leading lady Ellen Pompeo, 48, said something similar, when she EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife that Sarah and Jessica Capshaw‘s exits were “like a death” on May 10.

While Sarah’s exit was heartbreaking, we’re happy to hear she’d be open to returning if the opportunity presented itself.

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