Gypsy says trolls discriminate and say she’s lazy but she’s addicted to cleaning

A gypsy who gave up her job to focus on being a social media influencer has slammed trolls for assuming she is "lazy" with a video of herself doing a day of housework.

In the clip, TikTok user Adele Hartley @adelehartley_ shows how she washes and dusts the entire house where she lives with her family.

The 20-year-old shows a stock picture of a woman eating crisps in front of the TV and captions it: "What people think gypsy girls do all day."

She then shows "vs what they actually do" and shows herself making her bed and covering it in cushions and cleaning the inside of the window frames with a toothbrush and a power jet.

Adele also vacuums and dusts everywhere, including the plug sockets, window blinds, skirting boards, doors, and furniture.

The video was watched more than 2 million times and people were amazed at how much she effort goes into her cleaning routine, with some saying it was what they aspired to achieve.

One person commented: "If you do this every day I bet there is literally nothing to clean the next day, your house must be so nice."

A second viewer shared: "Whoever I used to go around to my traveller friend's house when I was younger I was so scared to touch anything even when they had plastic covers on the seats everything was so clean I didn't want to ruin anything."

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But another viewer asked: "Why you do clean the same thing every day like surely it's clean?"

"So you do every single day what everyone else does while also having jobs," moaned a troll.

Another person questioned how Adele can say she is a "gypsy" if she lives in a house, so she replied: "You're born a gypsy it's not where you live it's blood-related."

The traveler used to have a job but now has a large Instagram following and collaborates with companies to model clothing, which she now does full time.

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