Hailey Baldwin Still ‘Majorly Crushing’ On Justin Bieber: Will He Ever Be Interested In More Than Friendship?

Now that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have reunited, Hailey wants to take things to the next level. We’ve got EXCLUSIVE details on why she’s happy they’re hanging out again, but worries Justin won’t commit!

Nearly two years after their split, Justin Bieber, 24, and Hailey Baldwin, 21, were spotted cozying up together at LIV Nightclub in Miami on June 10. And while it certainly appears that they’ve rekindled their romance, Hailey is a little worried about JB’s intentions. “Hailey is majorly crushing on Justin and has been into him for years. She is excited they are back together again, but worries he will disappear on her again and won’t commit, like he has so many times in the past. They have known each other for years, and she has always maintained a friendship with him, even when he was back with Selena [Gomez]. She is hoping however, that this time might be different,” a source close to Hailey tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY.

For those of you who need a refresher, Justin and Hailey dated back in 2016. And although their relationship was brief, the pair did make their romance public when Justin shared a photo of himself and Hailey sharing a passionate kiss while vacationing in St. Bart’s. Plus, just a few months back Hailey and Justin were spotted at church together in Los Angeles. So, you can understand why they still have feelings for each other. “Hailey would love a long term relationship with Justin even though he has been so non-committal with her in the past,” our source continued. “She thinks Justin is smart, funny, incredibly talented and the sexiest guy on the planet. She is really happy he is making time for her and she hopes that this time they can have something lasting,” the insider added. They certainly would make a good looking couple!

But, what about Shawn Mendes? Before Hailey and Justin’s Miami rendezvous, the model was romantically linked to Shawn. However, Shawn has made it clear that they’re just friends. So, that leaves Hailey single and ready to mingle…with Justin, of course!

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