Hairless dog mistaken for a seal becomes a model

Meet Norman – an American Hairless Terrier.

Although some might think his lack of hair is due to a medical condition, it’s normal for his breed.

But his shiny skin has led some to compare him to a seal or a shark.

But the-two-year-old pooch has become a mini celebrity in his locality in Columbus, Ohio, where he lives with his owners Jennifer VanSickle and Michael.

Jennifer said: ‘People are always surprised and ask what is wrong with him. The majority of people think he has some kind of disease, but after I explain that he is perfectly healthy, they usually want to know all about the breed.

‘Most people think he is adorable and want to pet him. One little boy said he feels like a shark! Some people have said seal too.

‘His skin is super soft, much like a human baby’s skin.’

The couple got Norman when he was 10-weeks-old, after a debate over what type of pet they should get.

Jennifer, a production editor, said: ‘I did not know about the breed before I started looking into hairless animals.

‘My husband wanted a hairless cat, but I am not a cat person so I found a dog that worked for both of us.

‘Norman is a momma’s boy 100%. He is very attached to me, and we do everything together.’

And Norman’s skin has even led to unexpected opportunities.

He has to wear lots of sunscreen in summer and layers of clothes in winters to stay protected, and he now models looks for a famous pet brand.

‘He does get cold and hot, just like a person. Summers require extra care to protect his skin from sunburn and skin cancer,’ Jennifer said.

‘Norman wears SPF blocking sun-suits that cover most of his body. I use sunscreen on any exposed skin-head, feet, and tail.

‘In the winter, he is in clothes pretty much all day, every day. He wears heavy coats outside and pyjamas in the house. He gets cold very easily.

‘Norman has also become a famous face because of his extensive collection of dresses.

‘He has a whole closet full of clothes and is very well known for his extensive wardrobe. He is also a model for Spoiled Bratzwear Custom Dog Clothes.’

Norman is a very adventurous dog and loves to travel. He goes on hike with his parents and has been on many road trips.

Jennifer said: ‘Norman goes out quite a bit. We are avid hikers and he always travels with us. He rides calmly in the car and is wonderfully behaved in hotels.

‘In the last two years, he has been on four vacations with us including a 15-hour road trip.

‘His favourite trips were hiking in the mountains and our trip to the Gulf of Mexico.’

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