Hannah B’s Dress On ‘The Bachelor’ Finale For Her ‘Bachelorette’ Announcement Is Red Hot

If I have to hear anything else about Colton’s virginity or people jumping Portuguese fences, I think I’m gonna lose it. Much love to Colton and Cassie and whatever they’re calling themselves at this point, but I am very much ready to move onto bigger and better things… liiiiiiike The Bachelorette. MOVE OVER, COLTON. IT’S TIME FOR A WOMAN TO HAVE THE SPOTLIGHT AGAIN. And get ready, Bachelorette fans, because that woman is Hannah Brown, the feisty Alabama native who made it pretty far in Colton’s season of The Bachelor. And let me tell you, Hannah B’s dress on The Bachelor finale for her Bachelorette announcement only solidifies her as a prime pick.

I’d say that, while Hannah B. was definitely one of the frontrunners for the next Bachelorette, she was a bit of a dark horse amid those frontrunners. While many thought Tayshia or Hannah G. would be named to the coveted position (considering how devastating each one’s breakup with Colton was once he decided he wanted Cassie and only Cassie), ABC said, "Roll Tide!" and gave the spot to Hannah B.

And it seems fitting that Hannah came out on The Bachelor finale guns blazing with a fiery red dress.

Hannah stunned in a knee-length, form-fitting bright red cocktail dress, with a one-shoulder neckline. The dress also featured an incredibly visually interesting long, pleated sleeve flowing down her left side. She looked equal parts bold, elegant, and ready to start a fresh journey with the Bachelor franchise.

Considering the self-proclaimed Hannah Beast has a refreshingly fiery personality, she deserves a fiery dress to match.

If I’m being honest, I’m rather excited for Hannah B.’s journey as Bachelorette. As a contestant on Colton’s season, the 24-year-old was subject to lots of drama with fellow former beauty pageant contestant Caelynn. Though the two eventually moved past their beef with each other (somewhat, at least), Hannah B. also found trouble in building her relationship with Colton because she didn’t seem to have as easy of a time as other girls did in "opening up" — whatever that seems to mean on this show. Regardless, by the looks of Hannah’s introduction as Bachelorette, we’re in for a wild ride this season, and a fun one, at that.

Aside from Hannah B.’s Bachelorette journey, I’m equally, if not more, eager to see her journey of ~lewks~ this next season, likely provided by Bachelor-favorite designer Randi Rahm, who has styled so many previous Bachelorettes. Let me remind you, throughout Colton’s season, Hannah already served up some straight fire ‘fits that I’m low-key mad at because I wish I had thought of those outfits first.

I mean, do you remember this biker-esque look with the black mesh top?

How about this adorable baby pink jumpsuit?

Or, my personal favorite, the beautiful, shiny pink gown with the plunging neckline that Hannah (unfortunately) got broken up with in?

I think it’s safe to say we can expect great things from Hannah… and by things, I definitely mean outfits. Here’s to a brand-new season of The Bachelorette coming soon, in which Hannah B. will hopefully find love, and all of us watching at home will find new #OOTD inspo.

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