Harry Jowsey exploring romance with Sveta Bilyalova: She’s a ‘sweet soul’

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He caught a flight and feelings.

Harry Jowsey revealed that he is exploring a romance with Sveta Bilyalova after spending time with the influencer in Dubai this month.

“The coolest thing about being with her is anything we did or anywhere we went, she was just happy to be there and very excited and very grateful,” the reality star gushed in an exclusive interview with Page Six, reflecting on his trip to see the Russian Instagram model in the Emirates.

“She’s got a great personality … [and is] just a sweet soul.” 

Jowsey, 24, went on to say that he and Bilyalova, 29, immediately bonded over their shared experiences navigating relationships in the public eye — as well as their respective careers on OnlyFans, a social media platform famous for the risqué content its creators cash in on.

“I think it’s good to be with someone who’s obviously been in this industry for years and knows how it goes,” said the Aussie, who now lives in Los Angeles. “She’s very accepting and open-minded about what comes and goes in this industry.”

While Jowsey has endured the agony of a high-profile split from his “Too Hot to Handle” castmate and now-ex-girlfriend Francesca Farago, Bilyalova suffered emotional turmoil following her nonconsenting role in the 2020 release of a sex tape she made four years prior with ex and fellow influencer Jay Alvarrez.

“I thought that all celebrities faked their sex tapes getting released,” said the host of Spotify’s “Tap In” podcast, who is pondering the future release of his own sex tape with an as-yet-unnamed influencer.

“I thought it was something that they did intentionally to boost their OnlyFans numbers or whatever. But it turns out, it’s actually very serious.”

He elaborated, “I made a joke about it when we first started hanging out. … [Bilyalova] was very upset about it. … I felt her energy change, and I was like, ‘Oh s—t, this is actually very harmful.’ I didn’t realize it because I didn’t see her video that she posted after it [came out].”

Bilyalova previously characterized the tape’s release as “revenge porn” in a YouTube video uploaded in late 2020. Months later, the LA-based Alvarrez, 26, denied any involvement in leaking the tape and claimed that it found its way online after his WhatsApp chat with the brunette beauty was hacked.

Nearly one year later, Jowsey is happy to support Bilyalova — a mother who is raising a young son overseas — as she begins a new chapter. (Though the two live on opposite sides of the world, they plan to meet up again soon.)

“I offered my help,” he said of a conversation they had in Dubai. “She’s not in America, she doesn’t really know anyone here. So I was just like, ‘Hey, look, if you need help, if you need someone who’s going to be in your corner, I’m here’ — because she feels like a bit of an outcast.”

Asked about the genesis of his fling with Bilyalova, Jowsey admitted that he slid into her DMs.

“[We were] just being a little bit friendly,” he recalled. “We followed each other, and I didn’t think anything of it … but then I decided that I’m just going to see her. We met for the first time in Dubai and then we were glued to the hip for a week straight.”

Jowsey clarified that he and Bilyalova don’t have a label just yet — “I’ve been having some fun, to be honest,” he noted — but he feels confident that he could handle something serious after surviving a tempestuous, on-and-off partnership with Farago, 28.

“That relationship really shaped me and how I view love and how I accept love. Honestly, I’m so grateful for all the lessons that we learned,” said the Netflix personality, who called it quits with Farago for good this year.

“I’d wake up and be like, ‘How can I make her day better?’ That was the greatest gift I got out of that relationship, having that feeling and knowing this is actually how it’s meant to be,” he added. “I’m looking forward to getting that feeling back again.” 

Jowsey — who described himself as a “hopeless romantic” and rebuked the false “f–kboy” reputation perpetuated by internet trolls — is hopeful that he can ignite an even stronger flame with Bilyalova. 

“There’s nothing better than having a person that’s there for you in your corner day in and day out,” he said, beaming. “I think it’s been a wild ride and finally finding someone that is really cool, really genuine and doesn’t really care too much about [fame] has been really awesome.” 

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