‘Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance’ Recap: The 6 Moments That Made Us Swoon

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are getting married on May 19, and Lifetime celebrated with a movie about the couple’s whirlwind romance. These are the most romantic scenes that made our hearts melt!

Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance aired just days before the real royal wedding between Prince Harry, 33, and Meghan Markle, 36, and the Lifetime movie is a real treat. If you’re in the mood for romance and love the royal family, this movie is for you. The Lifetime movie, which features Murray Fraser and Parisa Fitz-Henley as the couple, takes you on a journey through Harry and Meghan’s relationship. HollywoodLife is rounding up the key moments you need to know about!

1. Prince Harry and Meghan’s first date. They first cross paths after being set up on a blind date. Before the date, Meghan’s first question is, “Is he nice?” Harry, who’s been living the ultimate bachelor life, asks, “Is she hot?” Harry shows up to the blind date 40 minutes late, and Meghan is not having it. She makes him apologize. I love how sassy Meghan is. She doesn’t let anyone take advantage of her. Despite the initial mishap, Harry and Meghan hit it off. They talk all night and into the morning. Harry wants to hang out again, and he makes sure that it happens.

2. Their trip to Africa. For their second date, Harry decides to take Meghan to Botswana. That’s normal. Botswana has a special place in Harry’s heart. That’s where he, his brother, and his father went after Princess Diana’s death. Harry and Meghan continue to fall in love. The best part of this entire scene is that Meghan doesn’t know what a ginger is. Yes, really. Later, Meghan takes their relationship to the next level by taking off her dress in front of Harry. They make sweet, sweet love in Africa.

3. Prince Harry as a frog. While trying to keep their relationship under wraps from the world, Harry dresses up as a frog so he can go to a Halloween party with Meghan. Earlier, she had tried to break off the relationship because she doesn’t think she can get the fairy tale ending. But Harry convinces her that this can work. so that’s how we get to the frog costume. It’s pretty hilarious, and we can all see Harry doing this in real life.

4. Prince Harry’s jaw-dropping statement to protect Meghan. After Meghan and Harry’s relationship is made public, Meghan and her mom are hounded by the paparazzi. It starts to get nasty. Harry wants to release an official statement from the palace about the social media trolling and racism that Meghan and her mom have experienced. He wants to protect her from the press. Harry gets the statement released, and Meghan’s actually pretty pissed. “I am not some damsel in distress that needs to be protected,” she says. Slay, girl. SLAY!

5. Their epic reunion at the airport. Meghan breaks up with Harry when the problems in their relationship become too much for her. She doesn’t want him to think he has to take care of her and defend her to the press. Harry leaves her place devastated. Meghan’s mom makes her watch Diana’s funeral. “That boy lost his mother to the paparazzi,” her mom says. She tells Meghan to see things from Harry’s perspective. The people who killed his mother are now attacking Meghan. Meghan realizes her mistake and calls him back. She runs to the airport and is able to catch him before it’s too late.

6. Their love scene before the proposal. Harry and Meghan head back to Botswana for the anniversary of Diana’s death. While Harry lashes out at Meghan after she asks about Diana, the trip brings them even closer. They have a sexy love-making session, and he proposes to her! As we all know, she says yes! While this is a different proposal than the roasting chicken proposal story the real Meghan and Harry have told, but it’s still super romantic.

Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance is surprisingly good Lifetime movie. The use of Princess Diana is not gratuitous, it’s actually very sweet. There’s an adorable scene at the beginning that features Diana helping little Harry sneak pastries. “It’s OK to be naughty sometimes,” she says. “As long as you don’t get caught.”

At the end of the movie, Meghan finally meets Queen Elizabeth II. The best shade thrown comes from the Queen herself about The Crown, the Netflix show about Queen Elizabeth II early reign. Lifetime went there, and I’m so here for it.

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