Hello, Please Watch This F*cking Adorable Troye Sivan and Ariana Grande Video

On Thursday, Troye Sivan released the music video for “Dance to This,” his dreamy new single with Ariana Grande. In the video, Sivan performs for a bunch of unimpressed onlookers in some kind of bingo hall or recreation room — it might as well be purgatory with those halogen lights, am I right? All seems bleak until our “God Is a Woman” songstress struts up to join in on the fun. Commence a sweet video of lighthearted dancing and bopping around the room. It’s so electrifying, some of the other patrons can’t help but join in. So, yes, “Dance to This” may not be the Summer jam of the season, but we’ll be watching this video (and sliding around to the beat) all day long.

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