Here’s How Patrick Bet David Made His $150 Million Fortune

When Patrick Bet-David was six years old, he was asked about his ambition growing up, and the young boy answered that he wanted to be a father. As someone who grew up with a nurturing father, Bet-David had always received the motivation and love to aim for the best. The struggles he faced in the early years of his life in Iran exposed him to a different side of the world. Bet-David entered the world of finance via self-motivation and eventually became an entrepreneur who could find solutions for people of all income groups in America.

From earning his first dollar while cleaning swimming pools to having a turnover of over $100 million with his business, Patrick Bet-David has amassed a $150 million net worth through various ventures as an entrepreneur, writer, podcast speaker, and a financial advisor. Let’s look at how Patrick Bet-David made his $150 million fortune.

Entering The World Of Entrepreneurship

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Patrick Bet-David was only ten years old when his family moved to Germany to seek refuge in a safer land. He lived in a refugee camp for two years without his father before they were reunited. While living with other refugee families, Bet-David got his first taste of entrepreneurship when he began picking up trash by the swimming pool. He earned $0.0059 for every bottle and collected 5,000, which brought the total to $148, as noted by Money Inc.

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His pool cleaning days had to end as his family moved to the United States when he enrolled in high school. Bet-David barely made any friends during his time at the school and did not have any motivation to study due to his below-average grades and poor CGPA. He decided to join the military and served in the 101st Airborne Division of the United States Army, as stated by Celebrity Net Worth. Several years later, he was discharged from his service and wanted to become a movie star. However, he hoped that things could change for the better in his life. When he was dating a girl who worked at an investment bank, the idea came to him to become a financial advisor.

Financial Advisor And The Itch To Do More

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In 2001, as a high school graduate, he applied to Morgan Stanley with a resume that impressed the hiring committee, and he was hired as a Financial Advisor a day before the 9/11 Attack. Morgan Stanley then paid an average salary of $65,000. Bet-David later worked at the Trans America Insurance Company for eight years before he decided that he wanted to become an entrepreneur. With extensive working experience, he opened his insurance firm in 2009 called PHP Agency. According to the PHP Agency, the organization’s main objective was to bring life insurance to people from every culture in America. A business that began with 66 agents in California had grown into a company with 500 agents by 2012.

In 2019, more than 10,000 agents in 49 states worked at PHP Agency. As the CEO and Founder, Bet-David takes home millions every year. In 2013, he ventured into the field of media. He opened the network company Valuetainment after his friends encouraged him to connect with people on social media to share his knowledge. By 2019, both his companies had a $100 million turnover, helping him grow his fortune.

Books, Podcasts, and More To Come

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As Patrick Bet-David has become an influential figure for young entrepreneurs and financial experts, he wrote his experience and wisdom into books and published multiple best-selling books. His debut novel was The Next Perfect Storm which was released in 2012, followed by The Life Of An Entrepreneur in 90 Pages in 2016, Dropout And Get Schooled in 2017, and his recent Your Next Five Moves in 2020, as stated by Patrick-Bet David Website.

Along with posting informational and motivational videos on YouTube, Bet-David also began a podcast series called The Bet-David Show. Featuring various guests on his podcast, he likes to discuss topics that range from multiple segments, including world events, world politics, sports, entertainment, current events, business, and finance. Additionally, Bet-David has a 2.9 million following on Instagram, where he posts financial advice for young entrepreneurs and offers motivational messages for people struggling with their ventures. Bet-David has also provided follow-up advice on his book, Your Next Five Moves, through his account.

Patrick Bet-David began his life escaping difficult living situations and moving with the family that prepared him to face any obstacle. With freedom and opportunity, Bet-David has established himself as a powerful figure in finance, and his businesses have earned him a $150 million fortune representing the American Dream.

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