Hilarious gallery reveals the world’s WORST knock-offs

You get what you pay for! Bargain-hunters reveal the world’s WORST knock-offs – including ‘Boy Story’ toys and a pair of dubious ‘iPhone’ sandals

  • Go Social rounded up hilarious knock-offs spotted around the world 
  • Many people contributed snaps of the wrong characters on merchandise
  • One person found a Spider Man backpack with an illustration of Superman 

Cutting costs on the latest branded goods can lead savvy shoppers to rather shifty places, as proven by these bizarre knock-offs.

A hilarious online gallery collated by Go Social, reveals some of the world’s worst counterfeit goods on sale – and it may make you think twice the next time you’re in search of a bargain.

Sharing their hilarious mishaps to the gallery, people from across the globe contributed pictures of their wares – including one unhappy shopper who received a Shrek bag emblazoned with a Hulk illustration.

Elsewhere a confused bargain-hunter found a box of Toy Story toys on sale under the name ‘Boy Space’, while one purchased flip flops emblazoned with the iPhone logo.  

Go Social collated a series of the worst counterfeits spotted around the world into a hilarious gallery, including this backpack which appeared to be promoting both Shrek and the Hulk

One shopper spotted a number of characters from Toy Story on sale in a shop filled with merchandise under the brand name Boy Space 

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Another retailer displayed a number of backpacks with the wrong name, including a Mario bag that had Captain America stitched across the front 

A shopper in search of sandals was left speechless after discovering a design that gave the impression it was endorsed by Apple

One person was unsure about purchasing a pink Spider Man 2 bag which had a large Superman artwork on the front

Another shopper who was hoping to buy a Despicable Me 3 power bank, was surprised to find Marge from the Simpsons inside the packet

A store trying to show support for Obama, displayed a backpack which appeared to merge Sonic The Hedgehog with Harry Potter

One person was left terrified after seeing the unusual artwork used to advertise a knock-off colouring book of Disney’s Aladdin

Another frightening piece of merchandise came in the form of a figurine designed to look like Star Wars’ Jedi Master Yoda

A Harry Potter fan spotted how one retailer offered their customers a costume of the character without correctly naming him 

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