Hilarious photos show minor design fails that will infuriate you

How did they let that happen? These minor design fails will infuriate perfectionists – from doors in the wrong place to a chandelier hanging beside the ceiling rose

  • Minor design fails from around the world were collated by Doc Journal
  • The mind boggling gallery features some minor but infuriating planning fails
  • One picture shows a church with a central window incorrectly set to the side 
  • Another shows a chandelier set into the wrong place in the ceiling decal 

Sometimes it’s not the major mistakes that are the most annoying, but more minor errors that really set our teeth on edge.

Infuriating images, taken by people from around the world and collated into a gallery by Doc Journal, reveal some minor design fails that once seen, you won’t be able to unsee.

Among the irritating design fails are a chandelier that has been set into the wrong place in the ceiling moulding. Another image shows a house with a porch – and a door installed in the wrong place.     

Here, FEMAIL shares the worst minor design fails that are sure to irritate you… 

Some people are infuriated by the offset window in the building in Leipzig, Germany. But according to others, it was purposefully created this way for artistic reasons

This car, spotted in Europe, probably would have looked great with a go faster stripe on the bonnet – if only the placement was so off-centre

Once you’ve noticed how badly this chandelier has been placed in the ceiling of this US restaurant, you won’t be able to unsee it

It may take you a second to spot it, but once you do, it will drive you to distraction! (Hint, look at the button for the ‘thirth’ floor)

How would you be able to live with this hob? Every time you turned on the heat, you’d notice how horribly the glass has been placed. If only the builder had noticed that too

Whoever installed these pipes came so close to getting it right. They have all the right bends, and would have fit perfectly – if only they were the right way around

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This house, thought to be in the UK, could be the perfect home for someone – if that person isn’t filled with anxiety every time they have to walk through that misplaced front door

This pizza advert, snapped in the UK, left people baffled. How could anyone approve a design featuring such a strangely sliced pizza?

Perhaps this one wouldn’t see so bad if there wasn’t a glass pane, meaning you can see the mismatched handles on either side of the door 

This home is so close to perfect – the stoop, the semicircular porch, the classic cream railings. If only the door hadn’t been installed in completely the wrong place

As this road, thought to be in North America, shows, sometimes it’s probably worth just scrapping something and starting over, instead of continuing to try and repair it

The vast majority of people associate the colour red with ‘stop’ and the colour green with ‘go’, which makes the design of this remote control absolutely baffling

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