Horoscopes & love: Taurus urged to ‘take step towards love’ despite upcoming challenges

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Each star sign in the zodiac has different qualities, needs, and desires when it comes to finding love and being in love. Taurus, the second sign in the zodiac, is represented by the Bull.

Astrology experts have predicted what’s in store for Taureans in the upcoming days and weeks.

As for today, February 10, Taureans could expect an “intense” message from someone they know today.

Horoscope.com said: “You may receive quite an intense communication today from someone very special.

“You certainly won’t have been expecting it, and once you have it in your hands you won’t be quite sure what to make of it, or whether this person really does mean what they say.

“However, you can rest assured that they are telling truth, and you can believe them.”

As for the rest of the week, Taurus’ “ruler Venus and fellow earth sign Capricorn is pointing you in the right direction this week”.

The astrologists added: “Your love life might not be ideal, but it’s most likely on track.”

Horoscope.com continued: “Moving forward with changes during the Mars-Uranus trine early in the week can be scary but cathartic.

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“If you aren’t happy where you are, you know you need to do something, but it can be extremely comfortable to just stay put.

“This aspect pushes you to take that first step toward love.

“Mentally alert Mercury meets up with deep thinker Pluto in determined Capricorn later in the week, begging you to do some serious soul-searching regarding love.

“It’s time to stop playing around with emotions, either your own or someone else’s.”

Later in the year, there will be challenges for Taureans, but those born under the Bull sign will be able to learn a lot from them.

Horoscope.com said: “Remember that Uranus, the planet of rebellion and experimentation, is continuing its journey through your steady sign all year, which challenges you to be less inhibited and more open-minded.

“You don’t always accept or enjoy the sudden changes that Uranus adores, so this partnership definitely isn’t your favourite.

“However, going through unwanted changes in various areas of your life causes you to grow and reach a higher self-awareness that probably wouldn’t have happened otherwise, and growth of any kind is never a bad thing.”

But, what is Taurus like in love generally?

Taurus’ top love matches are Cancer and Virgo, which comes as no surprise as, like other earth signs, Taurus is passionate, sensual, and always seeking out pleasure.

Horsocope.com said: “Whether they’re indulging in luxurious massages, spending hours in bed with their lover, or going on a long run, Taureans love feeling present in their body and frequently need to get in touch with their physical self.”

When it comes to love, honesty is essential for Taureans.

Horoscope.com added that because of this trait, going on a first date with a Taurus might resemble a “job interview”.

The astrology experts said: “They’re not being rude – they’re built for partnerships and are simply trying to see if you’re a good fit at the start.

“And once you begin dating a Taurus, forget about white lies.

“A Taurus would much rather hear that an outfit is unflattering than endure hollow compliments.

“Taurus will hold a grudge against someone who lies, even if it’s a lie just to make them feel happy.”

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