Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for September 26

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A senior colleague will think your ideas for change too radical to put into practice. Make a few sensible alterations before putting your suggestions to them again. Timing is important if you are hoping to get their agreement about a matter that interests you more than them.


It may be necessary to delay or cancel a later meeting when discussions early on go on longer than anticipated. Work projects are discussed in detail. The cost of new plans will be much higher than anticipated but some people will still want to go ahead.


You may be in a rush to get things done but no one else seems to feel the same way. Either you will have to manage at a slower pace or continue as you are and leave others behind. Work and other responsibilities continue to be a priority.


The weight of your current commitments is starting to weigh you down. There is nothing stopping you from letting your mind wander. Your thoughts can take you anywhere just as long as our boss sees you getting on with the job.


You are on the same wavelength as someone you work closely with. It will feel as if you can read each other’s minds. Praise for your efforts will give your confidence an extra boost and it will feel reassuring when things start to go your way.


A stubborn friend or colleague will not see things your way. Don’t make it too big an issue. By tomorrow it will not even matter. You have a clear vision of where you want to go and how to get there. No one could accuse you of having unrealistic goals. You’ve put too much thought and planning into this.


Setting off in new directions will be rewarding. Don’t waver too long, as you sometimes do, when you are thinking about making changes. You are bound to be nervous until you start putting plans into action. Then you will wonder what you were so worried about.


A colleague will reveal something which was strictly confidential. This will cause quite a stir in the workplace. You half suspect they have done this deliberately although they will insist it was accidental. Whatever the reason, it will now be the main topic of conversation.


It isn’t a good idea to run out on responsibilities even if you hear about an opportunity you don’t want to miss. At least arrange it so someone else is covering for you. You will find it hard to stay focused on work when other things that are going on have you thinking about something very different.


Unless you talk about an issue that is upsetting you and get it out into the open, anger will turn into resentment. You’re doing your best to put this matter to the back of your mind but you aren’t succeeding. You need to discuss this, now.


Which comes first, work and outside responsibilities or commitments at home? The bigger question is how do you fulfil all obligations so no-one is disappointed? Be smart and find a way to take care of all aspects of your life that need your attention.


Events happening in your community grab your interest. You can keep up with this on your local radio station. You can help friends who are arguing find common ground or others will look to you to mediate a workplace dispute. A surprise gift which will have sentimental value will be received from an older relative.

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