How Do You Know You’ve Found Your Person? 14 People Reveal Their Stories

The concept of "the one" can be a little overwhelming, and understandably so when you realize it technically means there’s only one person in the entire world you’re "meant to be" with. But I like to think of "the one" as simply the person you end up with, not necessarily someone you need to actively look for. Whether you just started dating someone or you’ve been going on casual first dates, there’s a good chance that at one point or another, you’ve wondered: How do you know you’ve found your person? Well, the short answer is, it varies for everyone. How you know you’ve found your person is probably different from how your BFF Jill would know she found hers.

One way to load off the pressure? Remembering that there might not necessarily be one person for everyone. "There is no ‘one’ person, but more a ‘perfect’ type," Lesli Doares, couples’ consultant and marriage coach at Foundations Coaching, previously told Elite Daily. "This type can change over the course of your life because we don’t stay the same over the years. Different attributes might be important at different times of our lives. ‘The one’ embodies as many of those attributes at one time as possible — no one will meet them all." And that’s OK. According to 14 Reddit users, they realized they found their person in some of the most random, simplest moments of their relationship, and I am bawling.

Read on, and grab a tissue.

Sometimes, they’re the last person you would’ve thought you’d want to do life with.


It felt different than it did with previous partners.




They felt certainty and safety.



She felt total warmth.


For some, it’s the little things that count.




She realized it after they had their first big fight.


Absence makes the heart grow fonder.


Even on her worst days, she still wants him by her side.


Sometimes, there’s no one defining moment.


I’m not crying, you’re crying! Let these stories be a reminder that no matter what triggers the realization, when you know, you know. That’s definitely something worth celebrating.

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