How the Suns could help the Blues get a priority pick

If Carlton get a priority pick this season, they'll have another AFL club to thank for it.

That club is Gold Coast.

This week on The Age Real Footy Podcast, Michael Gleeson, Jake Niall, Caroline Wilson and Bob Murphy are taking a look at the priority pick system, whether the Blues and the Suns should get one and other options that could help the struggling clubs.

We're also talking free agency and how it's affecting equalisation. How can the league stop players leaving poor clubs to go to successful ones?

Also this week: the top-eight teams are all but set in stone, but where and who they play is up for grabs. How will the final round shape the finals fixture? Port Adelaide look set to have September off, and we take a look at where they've gone wrong with their recruiting.

Plus, Fremantle have become irrelevant and have been off the pace since 2015, but they aren't the most disappointing club of this season. We also give our Coleman Medal winner predictions, discuss post-match handshakes and player punches, hear whispers about player contracts and much, much more.

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