How to apply for a heat pump grant

CASH-strapped Brits can get free cash towards getting a heat pump to make their home greener and more energy efficient.

As part of the government's plans to slash emissions, households can apply for a heat pump grant ahead of the looming gas boiler ban in 2035.

But how much can you get, and how do you apply? We explain all you need to know.

What is a heat pump?

Heat pumps are a greener way to heat your home – and at a lower cost too.

There are two types of air-source heat pumps, air-to-water systems and air-to-air systems.

Heat pumps heat your home at a lower temperature than gas and oil boilers so they have to be switched on for much longer.

There are also ground source heat pumps that take the heat from underground by pumping water through it in pipes.

How much is the heat pump grant?

If you're planning on getting an air-source heat pump, you could be facing a bill of between £5,000 and £8,000.

It's a big cost, but there is help for low income families to afford one.

Households can get a grant worth £5,000 to buy a heat pump.

The government has allocated £450 million to dish out these grants under its new Boiler Upgrade Scheme.

It means that you'll be paying a similar amount as to what you would be if you were installing a traditional gas boiler.

Households could benefit in the long-run getting a heat pump installed.

You could save up to £1.975 if you swap your gas boiler for a heat pump, up to £1,465 if you switch from electric heating, and up to £735 if you ditch oil fired heaters.

It could be good news for millions of households facing eye-watering hikes to their energy bills.

Millions of customers whose energy firms go bust this winter face paying £400 more to new suppliers taking over their contracts.

That's on top of a record £139 increase to their energy bills which rolled out earlier this month.

How do I apply?

Unfortunately, you won't be able to apply for a grant and get your heat pump in time for winter.

The £5,000 grants will be available from April next year, which means that you'll have to wait a while before putting a claim in.

The government hasn't released details on how to apply for the help, but says the funding will be dished out through schemes like the Home Upgrade Grant.

This means homeowners have to apply through their local council for a grant.

We've asked for more details on the application process and we will update this story when we know more.

Are gas boilers being banned?

The heat pump grant scheme is part of the government's plan to make homes more eco-friendly.

It comes as as boilers could be banned from 2035 under plans to save the planet and make the country greener.

The government wants to make it mandatory for anyone replacing a gas boiler to go green, with plans to fine those that do not meet the new rules.

The Business department's enforcement options “could include the threat of financial penalties for non-compliance”.

But the heat pump grant could mean that you might only have to pay around £500 for the new heating.

At the moment they can set Brits back on average £10,000, but by making more of them in Britain, firms believe the price will halve within 18 months to around £5,500.

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