How to tackle closet chaos and get Instagram-worthy results

We all have a disorganized closet that we never quite get to clearing out despite our best intentions.

Don’t wait for spring to tackle your Monica Geller closet. Fall is the perfect time to get organized once and for all as you return to a routine.

Searches on Pinterest are up by 40 percent since the start of the summer, according to the site, and the closet appears to be a top problem area, garnering 3.8 million organization-related searches.

For the ultimate closet-organizing inspiration, we tapped Marissa Hagmeyer, the co-owner and chief marketing officer of NEAT Method, a luxury home-organizing company with locations across the country that works to create effective, stylish and customized solutions for clients. The results are Instagram-worthy, to say the least.

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Small pantries can be just as beautiful and just as NEAT. The same rules apply – sort, contain & label! @organize_newyorkcity #NEATnyc #theNEATlife

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Read on to find out how to tackle your closet or pantry chaos and get Instagram-worthy results on your own.

How can people both gear up to tackle that hall closet that they have been putting off forever?

Half the battle of getting organized is setting aside time for it. So, the best place to start is to get out your calendar and figure out a day that you can fully dedicate to this project.

Keep your schedule clear on that day and maybe even try and get the kids out of the house!

With an appointment set, it will be hard to make excuses as to why you can’t tackle it, and trust us, it will feel so good to get it done!

Tell us the steps for someone who wants to tackle a closet re-org themselves.

For a DIY approach, our best advice is to work your way through the following steps:

1. Take everything out
You have to be able to fully see your space.

2. Categorize and edit
Pro tip: Don’t over-categorize or it will be hard to keep up with the organization.

3 Color-code and alphabetize

4. Purchase organizational solutions and implement

5. Label everything!

No matter the space you are organizing the goal should be to see everything you have.

What’s the most common mistake?

The most common mistake by people trying to get organized is purchasing organizational solutions first. It is much more effective to do the organizing, then make a list of what you need to buy and measure exactly where the storage container is going to be. This will save you trips back and forth to the store.

What types of containers and affordable storage do you recommend to clients (i.e., baskets, other containers, chalkboard labels, pens, hangers)?

Our favorite places to shop for affordable storage solutions are The Container Store, Target and Amazon. No matter what your budget, you should be able to find something that works for you at one of these locations.

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