Hyaluronic Acid Hair Serum Is the Secret for Fixing Damaged Blonde Hair

The Splurge is our new weekly column dedicated to expensive beauty products that are actually worth it. This week, why we’re rebuying Kérastase’s Blond Absolu Heat Protecting Serum, despite the $37 price tag. 

I never found out if blondes really do have more fun after I bleached my hair, but I did discover that heat styling becomes absolutely terrifying and the trigger of a ton of anxiety. 

My beloved curling iron is now essentially the vehicle of breakage and dehydration, but because I’m my most confident self when my fine hair is styled in loose and more voluminous messy waves, I won’t let up on my routine. 

That means spending time testing every heat styling balm, spray, or cream that arrives at the office. So far, I’ve shockingly found a few that I’d recommend to my friends and now stock in my bathroom, but I reached a new level of impressed when I started using Kérastase’s Blond Absolu Heat Protecting Serum. 

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I’ve recovered from most of the breakage that comes along with heavily highlighting your hair (I’m naturally a dark brunette, FYI), but I’m still very cautious. The hair’s cuticle is often damaged in the bleaching process, exposing the hair’s structural proteins to stress and moisture loss, which in turn makes the hair dry, brittle, and more prone to breakage. So what initially caught my eye about this bottle is that it’s specifically made for blondes. 

It’s one of the five products in Kérastase’s new line made for blonde hair types. First and foremost, the hair serum shields already compromised hair from the damaging effects of heat styling, up to a temperature of 450 degrees. But while protecting your hair, it also makes it feel smoother and softer, and look shiner, thanks to two key ingredients. 

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Yes, hyaluronic acid has its place in haircare, too. In this formula, the buzzy ingredient actually plumps the hair fiber. It fills in the damaged areas of the hair fiber, as well as strengthens it, so the surface of the hair feels smoother. There’s also antioxidant-rich edelweiss flower, which softens the hair and further protects against damage. 

Sure this all sounds great, but a styling serum needs to provide more than just protection. Very practically speaking, it needs to make the styling process easier for someone like me who’s not a professional. It can’t weigh down your hair, or make it feel coated and dirty. It can’t have too overwhelming of a scent. 

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The good news is that it actually does, which fully justifies the $37 price tag. The first time I used the styling cream, I didn’t even have time to fully blow-dry my hair after. I applied a nickel-sized amount from root to tip, and rough dried my hair with my hands until it was about 30 percent dry. It dried smoother, softer, and shinier than normal. 

The next few times I used it, I dried my hair fully with a blow-dryer and styled it with a curling iron. My hair was easier to separate into sections to curl, and the cream didn’t weigh down my waves after I was done. In fact, I think it helped the bends stick around for longer. It’s truly multitasking. 

So if you’re like me and love your blonde hair so very much, but hate the anxiety that comes along with breaking out a curling iron, treat yourself to a better, shinier hair day (and some peace of mind) with this serum. 

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