I think I'm pregnant – my partner will be so happy, but I'm not sure I'm ready

I’m 29 and I’ve been with him for three years. He’s ­longing for kids as he comes from a big family. He’s 32.

I have all the symptoms of being pregnant but I’m too scared to find out for sure.

If I definitely am pregnant, a termination would not be an option. My partner would leave me.

Does every woman feel this way?

DEIDRE SAYS: Keep re-minding yourself that if pregnancy and childbirth were so awful, nobody would do it – or at least not more than once.

Tell your partner your fears and explain you need his full support.

If you are pregnant, request an urgent talk with your midwife who will be able to reassure you.

NCT antenatal classes will calm your fears and help you both make friends with other parents-to-be (nct.org.uk, 0300 330 0700).

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