Identical twins are pregnant with their first babies at the SAME TIME

Identical twins who ‘do everything together’ reveal they are pregnant with their first babies at the SAME TIME – and they’re both expecting girls

  • Alisha and Shauna Haines are expecting their first babies just seven weeks apart 
  • Both planned to start trying for a baby at the same time without realising 
  • Are now expected to both deliver baby girls in June and July respectively  

Identical twins who ‘do everything together’ have revealed they are pregnant with their first babies at the same time – and are both expecting girls.

Alisha and Shauna Haines, both 20,  have been inseparable since birth and managed to fall pregnant within weeks of each other.

The identical twins of Par, Cornwall, are expecting to give birth to their daughters just seven weeks apart, in June and July respectively.

Identical twins Alisha and Shauna Haines are expecting their first babies just seven weeks apart, and are both expecting 

Without discussing the idea of starting a family with her sister at all, receptionist Alisha and her partner Jimmy Price, a 31-year-old road worker, decided to start trying for a baby last summer.

Little did Alisha know that just two days later counter assistant Shauna and her fiancé Shane Lethbridge, a 23-year-old council worker, would make exactly the same decision.

And now the spookily in sync twins are supporting each other through their first pregnancies, going to every GP appointment together and planning to be at each other’s sides when they give birth.

The sisters have been inseparable since birth and claim to do ‘everything together’ but had no idea the other was planning for a baby

Alisha started trying for a baby last summer and just two days later, without consulting her sister, Shauna made the same decision. Pictured: The twins positive pregnancy tests 

Shauna, who is 30 weeks pregnant, said: ‘Alisha and I have always been close. We have that special bond that twins do and we have always done everything together – even having a baby apparently.

‘It is so lovely being able to support each other and share the experience with her.

‘And it is so nice to think about how close our babies will be. They’ll be so close in age and they’re both girls so they’ll definitely be best friends.

Shauna says that she and Alisha have that ‘special twin bond’ and says it is ‘lovely’ to share the same experiences 

Shauna and Alisha both revealed their pregnancies to their partners in the same way, by snapping a photo of their tests. Pictured: Shauna and Shane (left) and Alisha and Jimmy

The sisters (pictured with their partners) wish to be at one another’s sides while they are in labour which is just seven weeks apart

‘We were so excited when we found out we were both having girls. We both had 16 week scans to find out the genders but I was absolutely convinced I was having a boy.

‘It is so weird how similar we are. We even accidentally decorated our nurseries in a really similar way because we just like all the same things.’

Alisha, who is 37 weeks pregnant, added: ‘When people found out we were both pregnant they were all like ‘oh my god, do you two have to do everything together?’ It’s really funny.

‘Our pregnancies have been really different. Alisha’s has been plain sailing but I have had almost every problem there can be.

‘I have hyperemesis gravidarum so really extreme pregnancy sickness and low iron then I had a bleed so I’ve been in hospital a lot. Also the baby was breach and now she’s back-to-back.

The sisters say that they even decorated their nurseries in the same way without meaning to

Alisha and Shauna (pictured with brother Taylor when they were younger) have been ‘eerily’ similar since childhood, often saying the same thing at the same time 

‘We’re just hoping she turns before I have to give birth, she’s got a few weeks left yet.

‘It has been really scary especially as a first-time mum but having Shauna’s support has really helped.

‘We’ve been to every doctors’ appointment and hospital stay together. We’ll definitely be with each other when we give birth.’

The sisters even revealed the news of their pregnancies to their partners in the same way – although Shauna told her excited sister first.

Alisha said: ‘Jimmy and I have always talked to each other about wanting a family one day so we started trying last summer and I found out I was six weeks pregnant in September.

‘I had no idea at the time but Shauna and Shane had had the same conversation and it turns out she literally stopped taking the pill two days after I did.

The sisters say that having one another’s support has made the experience ‘less scary’

‘I missed a period so I decided to take a test at home while Jimmy was at work. I was so shocked when I saw the test was positive because we hadn’t been trying for that long but I was really excited.

‘I sent Jimmy a photo of the test and he didn’t believe me at first so I took a couple more. When it sunk in he was so happy.’

Shauna added: ‘I found out I was four weeks pregnant in November last year. The first thing I did was take a photo of the positive pregnancy tests.

‘I sent them to Alisha first and she texted me back the shocked open mouth emoji.

‘Then I texted the photo to Shane and he reacted just like Jimmy. He was so shocked he just couldn’t believe it. But we are so excited to be starting a family.

‘The guys are really close, they get on really well so it’s nice they’ve got each other for support like me and Alisha have each other.’

The eerie coincidences with the twins, who also have a little brother Taylor Haines, 18, and little sister Nellie-Violet Haines, two, are something their mum Julie Haines is all too familiar with.

The gran-to-be, 39, has watched her girls say the same thing at exactly the same moment or come up with the same idea while in different rooms countless times as they were growing up.

And the moment she found out Alisha was pregnant, Julie said she knew Shauna wouldn’t be far behind her.

Julie said: ‘It is so lovely the special connection the girls have but it is also very strange at times.

‘They can be in different rooms and come up with the same ideas, they often come out with exactly the same thing at the same time.

‘They can even be in different houses to each other and as I’ve gone round to pick them both up, we realise they’re wearing exactly the same thing.

‘So when Alisha told me she was pregnant I knew Shauna wouldn’t be far behind her.

‘It is really exciting. I can’t wait to have my first grandkids and I get to have two at basically the same time. With a two year old myself I’m going to have my hands full.

‘I think their brother Taylor is the most excited out of everyone. He can’t wait to be an uncle.’


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