If You Haven't Been Using an Arousal Serum to Get Off, This Brand Wants to Change That

Seeing as though the clitoris is the only organ in the body with the sole function of providing pleasure, it's pretty ironic that most sexual education programs tend to *forget* that tidbit of the curriculum. And while there are a lot of reasons why the phenomenon known as the "orgasm gap" came to be, it's safe to say this lapse in knowledge plays a part.

For most people with a vulva, clitoral orgasms are where it's at. That's why Cake — an inclusive sex positive wellness brand with a "mission to help the world have more fun sex" — is doing its part by launching a bundle focused on vaginal pleasure: the Cake Vulva Luva Kit.

Shop now: $60; hellocake.com

In what could be considered the ultimate orgasm care package, the kit brings together best-selling products from the brand to prepare for elevated solo or partnered play. If you're looking for the star of the show, you'll need to look past the kit's 7-speed bullet vibrator (which shoppers say is so good, they "use it every day") to the Tingle to Mingle arousal serum. 

ICYDK, arousal serums add extra sensitivity to the clitoris, which usually leads to a more intense orgasm. This particular potion by Cake pulls together organic ingredients like peppermint, ginkgo, and maca for a balm that creates alternating cooling and warming sensations to keep you on your toes. "[Tingle to Mingle was] an exhilarating shock to the system," one reviewer said. "[I] absolutely loved the feeling of it and it got better with time." 

Aside from the bullet vibrator and arousal serum, the bundle also includes two other favorites from the brand: its Toy Wonder jelly and Sex Wipes. The water-based lube is specifically designed not to drip off of toys, and it's free of both parabens and hormones. As for the latter, the flushable and biodegradable wipes are pH-balanced and allow for a quick refresh prior to or post hitting the sheets. If you're ready to do your part to close the orgasm gap one toe-curling step at a time, head to Cake to grab the vulva-centric kit and all its goodies.

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