Ikea launches ‘Kama Sutra’ style manual to spice up your bedroom


Bored in the bedroom? Ikea reimagines the famous Kama Sutra sex manual to spice up your interior design to the ‘highest level of fulfilment’

  • The Swedish company has unveiled Ultimate Guide to Bedroom Satisfaction 
  • It features illustrations to inspire new ideas when it comes to bedroom design
  • The 44-page e-book promises to offer an ‘ingenious position’ for every reader
  • Their ‘doggy style’ involves guidance on how to share your room with a pet

Ikea has launched its own version of the Kama Sutra sex manual designed to give customers ‘ultimate satisfaction’ when it comes to designing their bedrooms.

The Swedish furniture giant has compiled a 44-page e-book filled with ‘gorgeous illustrations’ to stimulate your interior design juices. 

The ‘handy manual’, which is based on decades of studying by the Ikea team, claims to address the ‘intricacies of quality bedroom living’ and promises the ‘highest level of fulfilment’.

It includes a series of 20 bedroom solutions including ‘Doggy Style’ – how to share your room with a pet – and the ‘Lotus Flower’, which is a collection of suggestions for how to bring a sense of the outdoors inside your boudoir. 

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Swedish furniture company ikea has unveiled its Kama Sutra guide to ‘ultimate bedroom satisfaction’

‘Whether you’re restless or yearning for more, this book has a position for you,’ according to the team behind the guide.

‘And by “position”, we mean bedroom solution. Wouldn’t want you getting the wrong idea.’

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The name of the book has been accented with a Swedish superdot over the ‘a’ of Kåma – a nod to the brand’s Scandinavian heritage – and the cover pays homage to Ikea’s iconic blue and yellow colour scheme.

The original Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian Sanskrit text on sexuality, eroticism and emotional fulfillment in life. 

Ikea’s guide is also focused on delivering satisfaction ‘on both a physical and spiritual level’.

The Doggy Style position provides detail on how to cope with sharing a bedroom with your pet – and a few interior design tips for maximising space

The Lotus Flower position is a bedroom layout suggestion designed to ‘satisfy your inner desire to reconnect with nature’

The wide variety of bedroom positions, which range from classic to modern, include the ‘Widely Open’ for those who like to ‘show it all’.

This involves a bedroom layout with an open wardrobe and organised shelving unit which is ‘pure pleasure’ for the eyes.

Meanwhile, for those who ‘aren’t afraid to be on top’, the guide recommends The Climber position – an Ikea loft bed with a sofa and desk below.

This bedroom position is designed to help you utilise space to explore your ‘minimalistic’ side

Elevate your bedroom style with the climber, a position intended to give you all the space you need to unwind your mind and body

This saucy-sounding position is intended to be highly functional to find out ‘what organisational method pleases you’

Are you a multi-tasker? This bedroom position could be the one to bring you ultimate satisfaction

Each position features drawings of the design ideas which you can click to reveal the product information, should you wish to go ahead and buy items you like the look of.

It also provides information on the ‘sustainability’ of each position – which basically means how long it can be maintained over time.

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