‘I’m buying sex toys and condoms to keep affair going but lover’s doing nothing’

My lover expects a big juicy affair but isn’t prepared to put in the work.

I’m the one who buys the condoms and the sex toys. I book the hotels and put the bill on my credit card.

Heck, even the secret phone he uses to call me is in my name.

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Admittedly he does (eventually) pay me back in cash, but I often have to wait weeks for my money.

He swears he loves me and lives for our precious moments together, but he’s terrified of his wife.

She’s already warned she’ll take him for every penny if she even suspects he’s having an affair. How do I fix this in my favour?

JANE SAYS: Fix this by walking away and not looking back.

Your selfish lover doesn’t deserve your time or your loyalty.

Suggest he dedicates his energy to his marriage, while you find someone who doesn’t treat you like a doormat.

The man has no scruples whatsoever. He likes having sex with you but expects you to facilitate every bonk. Where is the consideration or the respect?

He’s a user and he’ll drop you like a brick the minute his wife (inevitably) finds out about your affair.

Free yourself today.

Fella has firm interest in me

My new boyfriend seems unduly interested in our family business, especially the money side. My sister has only met him once and says she doesn’t trust him.

The other night I was horny and craved sex, but all he wanted to do was talk about was my dad’s assets and profits. Should I be worried?

JANE SAYS: Clearly something isn’t sitting right with you. If you feel he has a hidden agenda then maybe you need to step back.

Your family expect you to be discreet. Don’t be tempted to give away valuable information or secrets in order to keep his attention. Is he genuine about you – or what you could do for him?


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