I'm tired of always apologising first when I argue with my friends

This happens even when they are in the wrong.

I am 15 and have two special friends. The three of us spend most of our free time together.

I am usually the one who gets into an argument with one of them but I resent it when I find I am having to apologise when I have not even started the row or behaved badly.

They are alike. I am livelier and more talkative than they are but sometimes I am miserable in their company so they complain I am moody.

DEIDRE SAYS: It sounds as though you are more mature than they are but all three of you are at an age when you change a lot.

You are on the verge of becoming adults but the world is still treating you as children much of the time.

Friendships also change. My e-leaflet Rows With Friends? explains how to resolve tricky issues that can crop up around your age.

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