India Locks Down Country Of 1.3 Billion To Stem Coronavirus Spread

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced that the country of 1.3 billon people will be placed in lockdown for three weeks to combat the spread of coronavirus.

“Social distancing is the only option to combat corona…we have to break the cycle of infection,” Modi said in a televised address. “It is for every citizen, every family, and every member of the family.”

He praised the nation for coming together “in this hour of crisis” but said the country could face a cost that was “impossible to fathom” if people did not adhere to the new rules.

India already paused all film and TV production in the country until March 31; that will be extended now to meet the wider guidelines. Disney also delayed the launch of Disney+ in the country from March 29 to an unspecified new date.

India has a relatively low number of coronavirus cases confirmed, with 519 and 10 deaths, though the country is currently gearing up to make testing much more widespread so those figures are expected to increase significantly.

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