‘Inevitable’: The end of Eddie’s reign at Collingwood

On Tuesday afternoon, Eddie McGuire stepped down as Collingwood president after more than 20 years in the role.

In this special episode of the Real Footy podcast, Michael Gleeson, Caroline Wilson and Jake Niall discuss the end of his reign at the Pies.

Was this end to McGuire’s presidency inevitable? Did he stay too long at the helm? Was the AFL’s response to his departure adequate? The panel discusses Tuesday’s press conference, how McGuire has impacted issues at Collingwood over recent years and what brought about his immediate resignation.

Plus, who is likely to take over as president of the Pies, and who can expect to be ruled out? And what does the future hold for McGuire?


  • How Eddie McGuire lost the fight: Read Jake Niall’s column here.
  • Ed, it should never have ended like this: Read Caroline Wilson’s column here.
  • Sizer the ideal replacement for McGuire: Read Michael Gleeson’s column here.

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