Influencer says ‘bellies are in’ as she flaunts ‘cute’ tum in low-waisted skirts

A body positive influencer has declared that ‘bellies are in’ after hearing people say they can’t wear certain clothes because of their tums.

Emily Bispo, also known to her fans as Bunny, boasts a huge 1.3 million followers on TikTok were she regularly posts uplifting content.

Previously, she shared that she never thought she would be ‘happy’ or ‘love’ her body – but she certainly has proved herself wrong.

The dark haired beauty now oozes confidence as she flaunts her curvy figure in an array of skimpy clothing and teeny bikinis.

In a recent clip posted to TikTok, Emily shared a common phrase said by woman who feel insecure about their bodies, more specifically their stomachs.

Providing an example of what she hears, the influencer wrote: “I can’t wear that because of my tummy.”

Bashing beauty standards, the stunner then declared: “Yes you can.”

Emily then danced as she wore a series of skin-tight outfits that gloriously showcased her relaxed tum.

The beauty first rocked an extreme green cropped top with ties that created cut-out sections below her boobs.

She paired this with a low waisted floral mini skirt that exposed her torso.

For her second outfit, Emily sported a matching orange and pink ombre skirt and strappy crop top.

The babe looked sizzling hot as she let her tum sit above the low waisted bottoms.

Emily also wore various other outfits that accentuated her hourglass figure

She expressed in the caption: ”Bellies are in. Forever and always. They look so cute.”

Inspired by Emily’s belly loving display, many people fled to the comments to praise the beauty.

One person commented: “I find tummies attractive honestly. It means a woman eats. She cares for herself.”

Another user added: “You inspire me.”

A third person voiced: “Very inspiring! What a blessing. We need more people like you.”

Someone else shared: “Your confidence is captivating.”

And, a fifth person praised: “You make me feel comfortable.”

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