Influencer shares naked bath snap she deleted after embracing ‘back fat’

Influencer Charlotte Peirce has taken to her Instagram page to share a naked bath snap she deleted due to her 'back fat'.

The social media star, who boasts 100,000 Instagram followers, is known for her body positive posts.

However, it seems like even she has a crisis of confidence every now and again.

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The brunette beauty said she 'didn't even realise she had back rolls' until she took the bath snap.

After seeing them, she admitted she deleted the photo and felt "uncomfortable".

However, after thinking about it, she decided to "f**k it" and post the photo anyway.

The snap saw her showing off her figure and tattoos from behind in the tub as she adjusted her locks.

Captioning the snap, she wrote: "Making peace with back fat – a short story.

"Didn’t even realise I had back rolls until I took these photos. Hated them. Deleted the photos.

"Questioned myself if I actually hated them, or was this just a change in my body I hadn’t seen for myself yet…

"Retrieved them from the recently deleted folder.

"Took some time to observe and sit in the uncomfortable feeling. Said “f**k it” and moved on."

Concluding her post, Charlotte wrote: "Don’t hate them, don’t love them. They’re just them. Little pockets of fat just existing. Over it. Posted it."

Fans praised Charlotte over her honest post – as it racked up more than 5,000 likes.

One wrote: "LOVE this. Didn’t even notice the back fat, but I understand completely our own perspectives and what we focus on."

While another added: "I stand by everything I've ever said about you. You are a stunning woman, and no matter what part of your body you show, you always make me think 'wow!'."

A third chimed in: "It’s funny, you know, I didn’t even see rolls. I just thought what a classy picture."

While a fourth added: "Pieces of love built to protect your organs and bones, we love to see it."

Charlotte is known for encouraging women to embrace their bodies.

She also speaks out on issues affecting the fashion industry – recently slamming retailers for their 'joke of a sizing system'.


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