Inside our new Christmas craft beer box containing favourites like IPAs and pale ales

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Prepare to be taken on a wondrous journey of discovery this festive season, one of craft beer drinking.

So, we’ve recently launched this new craft beer club called Hopsmore. Craft beer is, in our opinion, one of the tastiest drinks around and deserves to be discovered by many.

As part of our beer club, we’re selling great value for money Christmas beer boxes, containing 20 cans, with 10 different craft beer styles.

If you’re planning to have people over for Christmas, New Year’s, or for any other gatherings, you can bet your bottom dollar it will come in handy.

It’s also just great to have at home for when you fancy something to go with your mince pie or box of Quality Street.

If you have a beer-loving friend or relative, then this box could be delivered straight to the door and make an unforgettable Christmas present.

As it’s Christmas, we’re going to give you an extra £5 off. So, while the box is worth £45, you’ll only need to pay £30. Just use the code 5XMASBOX at the checkout to grab this offer.

Here’s the lowdown on the great, different craft beers you’ll receive with this fab Christmas craft beer box…


This extra pale has nostalgic scents of lemon barley water. They take the lead and deliver a deliciously clean scent and shift onto the tongue seamlessly, paired with a grassy, hoppy bitterness.

NOTES: nostalgic notes of lemon barley water take the lead

FLAVOUR: clean hints of lemon barley water and grassy hop notes

ABV: 3.9%


This zingy American pale ale has been infused with Lady Grey tea, and has a punchy citrus aroma.

NOTES: zingy and infused with Lady Grey tea to present punchy citrus aromas and a refreshing bitterness

FLAVOUR: pale and zingy with citrusy Lady Grey tea infusion and a refreshing bitterness

ABV: 4.7%

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The water in this citrusy IPA is from a beautiful reservoir in the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland.

NOTES: citrusy with an aromatic floral aroma and residual sweetness on the finish

FLAVOUR: citrusy and floral with a residual sweetness

ABV: 4.7%


A bold East Coast IPA, which has been triple-hopped for juicy and tropical hop flavours.

NOTES: triple-hopped with refreshing, juicy and tropical hop flavours

FLAVOUR: bold and juicy with mountains of tropical hop flavour

ABV: 5.0%


A complex amber ale with a duo of American hops and a touch of fresh root ginger that gives this beer a flavour of sweet gingerbread with floral aromas.

NOTES: a duo of American hops and a touch of fresh root ginger providing sweet gingerbread and floral aromas

FLAVOUR: a sweet gingerbread flavour and floral aroma

AVB: 3.9%


Escape to the New World with this reinvented classic. It’s a lager with a malty character of biscuit and caramel blended with sweet hints of lime and tropical fruits.

NOTES: a malty character of biscuit and caramel blended with sweet hints of lime and tropical fruit notes

FLAVOUR: balanced caramel and biscuit malts with sweet hints of lime and tropical fruit

ABV: 4%


This pale ale is light in colour, but not flavour thanks to a blend of pale, lager, cara, crystal and wheat malts.

NOTES: complex hob flavours making it hoppy and refreshingly bitter

FLAVOUR: hoppy, refreshing bitter with complex hop flavours

ABV: 3.8%


A pale ale with a tropical flavour and balanced bitterness.

NOTES: crammed full of tropical fruit and citrus flavours, with a crisp, balance bitterness

FLAVOUR: crisp with a balanced bitterness and tropical fruit and citrus flavours

ABV: 4.5%


An oatmeal stout, smooth, cold brew with a coffee flavour, lush decadent and roasty.

NOTES: smooth, cold brew coffee and oatmeal, lush, decadent and roasty

FLAVOUR: a decadent, roasty stout with a rich coffee flavour

ABV: 4.5%


A crisp, clean cold fermented German style lager made in Scotland.

NOTES: crisp and clean with light cereal malts and grassy hops

FLAVOUR: light cereal malts and grassy hops

ABV: 4.1%

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Please drink responsibly. 18+ only

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