Instagram model praised for baring breast surgery scars in ‘real’ lingerie snaps

A body positive influencer was praised after she posed in lingerie.

Nelly, who has 276,000 followers on Instagram, proudly bared her breast surgery scars in PrettyLittleThing undies.

The retailer then shared a picture of her in the garment, which garnered more than 71,400 likes.

Shoppers were delighted to see a model with a “real” body on their social media feeds.

One commenter gushed: “It’s really refreshing to see a REAL body on here.”

And another agreed: “I love seeing pictures like these. So real. So beautiful. She is rocking it”

Nelly, from London, is still recovering from a boob reduction she had done seven years ago.

At the time, she felt very self conscious about her HH boobs that made her life difficult.

Nelly told BBC Three : “When I found out what breast reduction surgery was, I booked to see a surgeon that week and had the surgery the week after.

“So I really went in hard and fast…

“About four or five days after the surgery, I felt a ping under my left boob."

Nelly added: "I wasn’t supposed to but I took off the dressings to have a look at what had happened.

"It looked like a stitch had popped and my breast was bulging through a hole in the bottom of my boob.”

The Instagrammer was in a lot of pain but the surgeon reassured her.

But sadly, her problem went from bad to worse as more openings popped across her skin.

Nelly was told her body was rejecting the internal stitches so she had them removed.

The surgeon didn’t want to operate on her again so she was forced to let them heal.

Nelly spent eight months in recovery and had to go to hospital a couple of times a week to get the wound re-dressed.

She went on to have corrective surgery to help reduce the scarring on her body – but even now, she’s still healing from the operation.

Even though Nelly continues to go through the healing process, she doesn’t have regrets about the surgery.

In a YouTube video posted last year, she said: “I don’t regret any of it.

“Actually I now take really great pride in showing off my scars. I take a lot of pictures of them and put them on Instagram.

“I am openly proud of them because they’ve been such a journey for me.”

For more on Nelly, follow her on Instagram here.

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