ISIS bride themed Mother’s Day card goes on sale – featuring cruel comment

A cruel Mother’s Day card featuring jihadi bride Shamima Begum is being sold online.

The card features an image of the 19-year-old, who welcomed a baby boy just a few days ago, alongside the message: "Happy Mother’s Day. Thanks for not joining ISIS."

The card was listed on Etsy by freelance illustrator Samuel Hague but has since been removed, reports the Sun .

However it is still listed on his personal Facebook page for pre-sale for £2.99.

The description reads: "The perfect mother’s day card for anyone with a sense of humour."

Shamima, who was born and raised in London, had dominated the news this week after making a plea to return to the UK.

She was one of three schoolgirls, along with Kadiza Sultana and Amira Abase, from Bethnal Green Academy who left the UK to travel to Syria in February 2015. She was 15 at the time.

She told The Times last week while heavily pregnant that she wishes to bring up her baby in the UK, and her family have begged for her to be shown mercy and to be allowed to return to east London.

Card creator Samuel Hague, who is based in Derbyshire, is no stranger to criticism and hit headlines last year with a number of controversial cards .

Last year’s range included cards featuring Jimmy Savile, Josef Fritzl and mocking Shannon Matthews and Katie Price’s disabled son Harvey.

One of the cards has a picture of paedophile Savile, along with the words: "Thanks for never letting Jim fix it for me."

Another, featuring Karen Matthews wearing a t-shirt appealing for information about her daughter Shannon, read: "Thanks for never hiding me under a bed."

Yet another shows Josef Fritzl, who locked his daughter in a cellar and sexually abused her, alongside the words: "You could’ve done worse."

And he also produced a birthday card with a picture of Harvey, with the caption: "Happy birthday you c***", referring to the occasion he swore on live TV.

In an angry Facebook exchange, Hannah Cooke wrote: "It’s sick who would find this s*** funny?"

She also messaged Hague describing him as "vile".

Speaking to  The Sun last year, the artist said: "I choose to express myself through comedy and art.

"That resonates with some people but will offend others."

And he added: "It’s better to find humour in despicable acts and remember what happened rather than stick your head in the sand and forget about it."

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