I’ve met my ideal man after leaving my toxic ex but he lives abroad — would the relationship work? – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: SIX months ago I parted from a lying, cheating boyfriend.

Since then I have been learning to be single again and gradually I am healing. I am a girl of 25.

I recently went to Cornwall for a week with a close friend and met a lovely, good-looking guy. We slept together and got on really well, both in and out of bed.

I didn’t think deeply about it as he lives in Germany but he has been messaging and phoning me since. We have talked about meeting again.

He is the first guy I have really liked in years. It didn’t seem as if his warm, friendly attitude is just about the sex.

The trouble is where he lives. Does it mean I should cease contact and look for someone else?

DEIDRE SAYS: Germany is not the other side of the world. Relationships – marriages even – can and do survive this sort of separation but try not to assume you have found the love of your life too soon.

Get to know him better as a friend first. Find out what his life in Germany is like.
Most importantly, does he have a girlfriend already? The last thing you need is to be involved with another cheat.

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