James Corden Turns Red, Literally Starts Sweating When Asked About Carpool Karaoke with Britney Spears

This is one extreme game of Truth of Dare.

Jimmy Kimmel stopped by the "Late Late Show" on Thursday, where he played a little game of "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts" with James Corden.

The challenge: Each comedian got to ask the other a question … and if that person refused to answer, they had to eat something really disgusting.

Before the game even began, Kimmel took a big bite of a pig blood curd in order to avoid a question. "Did I go too fast?" Kimmel said with his mouth still full. "I don’t know how the game works."

"It’s actually not bad," Jimmy revealed after swallowing the curd.

Corden was clearly in disbelief that Jimmy would so readily eat something off the table of torture, which was full of tasty treats like bull penis, jellyfish, chicken feet and more. "I’m so screwed," James exclaimed.

Corden followed up Jimmy’s stunt, asking the fellow TV personality which out of the other lat night hosts was his least favorite. Of course, Kimmel avoided the question by sipping on some ghost pepper hot sauce.

But when the tables (literally) turned, it was finally Kimmel’s turn to ask James a tough question.

"Were you as miserable doing ‘Carpool Karaoke’ with Britney Spears (below) as it looked like you were?" he said to a visibly uncomfortable Corden.

James tried to hide a chuckle as he turned bright red over the question. "I’m very sad it looked like that," Corden explained, while whipping the sweat from his brow. "I wasn’t miserable at all. I … I … It was great," he said with a slight stutter.

"Why are you sweating while answering this question?" Kimmel asked. "I wasn’t, I wasn’t, I think she is great …" Corden declared.

To his credit, Britney herself said it was "awkward" to shoot.

While she told KTU’s Cubby and Carolina In The Morning that shooting the viral clip was "really fun" and "the guy [Corden] was just so incredibly sweet," Brit Brit added the experience was slightly bizarre.

"It was a little awkward," she told the radio hosts, "like driving by grocery stores and seeing people walk by and there’s 18 cameras in front of us. I’m like, ‘This is just so awkward, it’s so weird.’"

Check out the rest of the video above to see what other personal questions the guys ask each other! What do you think of James’ reaction to the Britney question? Tell toofab in the comment section below!

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