Jamie Foxx Gets Trolled Online As BET’s ‘Most Cringeworthy Host Ever’ — Tweets

The internet is in the midst of a Jamie Foxx roast after his ‘questionable’ and ‘cringeworthy’ hosting gig at the BET Awards on June 24! Check out the fiery responses from fans who think he should ‘stick to singing’!

Jamie Foxx, 50, may not be getting any calls about hosting gigs after his performance at the 2018 BET Awards on June 24!   He put his comedic skills to the test when he attempted to pull off multiple skits, including the remake of Black Panther Black Panther 2.5. Foxx spoofed the film, poking fun at his “ugly as f–k” appearance as “Wa Wanda.” But, he definitely came up short. “What is wrong with Jamie foxx and these horrible skits? #BETawards disrespecting Black Panther like this,” one angry Twitter user wrote.

Another non-fan went off on this rant: “THIS WAS THE WORRRSSSTTT #BETAwards EVERR!! JAMIE FOXX IS AWKWARD AND A DULL HOST!! THE CROWD WAS DEAD AS HELL! NO ONE LOOKED ENTERTAINED ON THAT CROWD!!!” The singer even went off-script by bringing certain stars up on stage without any prior knowledge. Between pulling Donald Glover on-stage to do some “This is America” and then having Michael B. Jordan do his infamous Black Panther ending-film line, Foxx just made things plain awkward.

However, Foxx definitely redeemed himself when he took the stage to kick off Anita Baker’s tribute where he performed a few of her greatest hits. “Jamie Foxx the singer>>>> Jamie Foxx the host,” one fan tweeted. And, there were more tweets about his amazing performance that attempted to shadow the hate tweets.

Foxx wasn’t the only viral meme of the night. Yolanda Adams, 56, went viral during Migos’ performance at the BET Awards. The internet completely lost it when BET cameras caught Yolanda rapping “Stir Fry” from her seat. “I’m weak at Yolanda Adams knowing the words to stir fry,” one fan wrote in disbelief. “My fav part so far is Yolanda Adams getting it to Migos!” another fan tweeted.

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