Jax Taylor’s ‘Insecurity & Need For Attention’ Led To Feud With ’90 Day Fiance’s Jay Smith

Jax Taylor’s feud with Jay Smith is all about Jax’s need for attention, according to a source close to Jax who told HL EXCLUSIVELY how ‘insecure’ he feels.

Jax Taylor is in the middle of a feud with 90 Day Fiance star Jay Smith and his wife Ashley Martson after he commented on his nose in an Instagram picture, and she responded telling him to stop “stalking” her photos. A source close to Jax told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that Jax’s insecurity is the source of his feud-starting ways. “Jax is an extremely insecure guy,” our source told us. “He cannot stand attention being taken off of him. He and his fiance Brittany Cartwright fight constantly when attention is taken off of him. In fact, he has major issues with the fact that she’s building her own name for herself and her own path on Vanderpump Rules.”

While she knows that her growing fame has become a problem for him, she reminds herself that she’s done nothing wrong at all. “She gets upset because she knows how much it bothers him, but she knows it’s his own issues and she’s done nothing wrong,” our source went on to say. “His whole thing right now is how he’s changed and wants to do better since his dad’s passing, but it’s all an act. He’s not changed at all.“

And in the end, his back-and-forth with Jay shows Jay’s true colors. “This whole Jay Smith incident was just another cry at Jax needing attention and feeling insecure about himself and it’s not surprising at all he’d go to these lengths to bash someone else to feel good about himself,” our source added. “Brittany is so humiliated and embarrassed by all of this and is begging Jax to stop immediately.”

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