Jenelle Evans Sets Kailyn Lowry’s Hair Products Ablaze on ‘Teen Mom 2’ 

Burning bridges. When Kailyn Lowry’s Pothead Haircare line was ready to launch, she wanted to send her castmates — including Jenelle Evans — their own box of goodies on the Monday, March 25, Teen Mom 2 episode. But Kail had a feeling the gift wouldn’t be well received by her costar … and she couldn’t have been more right.

As soon as Jenelle got the box in the mail, she set the hair products on fire. When Jenelle talked to MTV producer Kristin, she said it was because Kail didn’t reach out to her first before she sent her the package and told the tabloids instead … and talked to them about her opinion of David Eason while she was at it.

“So, you’re gonna talk s—t about my husband after you just sent me a peace-gathering gift? Are you serious?” Jenelle said. “She doesn’t have anything, any reason to hate David, so I was like ‘That’s it.’ I said, ‘David, we’re going outside, get the gasoline, we’re setting this s—t on fire.’”

Jenelle added that she’s tired of Kail talking about her on her podcast, saying, “I wanted that to hurt her feelings.”

But Kail wasn’t too bothered by it — especially since she made $10,000 in sales the day Jenelle’s video went viral. It was just surprising to her that after all they’d been through, their relationship had reached this point.

“For her to act like this — I’ve done a lot for her over the years. I really stuck up for her the most out of everyone in the beginning,” Kail told her friend Becky. “I bailed her out of jail. I called out of work one year, one day when she was strung out on drugs and I drove to Jersey, picked her up and took her to the airport because she was strung out on f—king heroin or who the f—k knows.”

Ultimately, though, Kail did wonder how much influence David had over Jenelle — and was he the one who created such a change in her?

“I’m not doing a reunion because of this,” Kail said. “I don’t want to be in the same city as them. He’s just not a good person.”

Jenelle’s Mom Weighs In

Later, Barbara Evans shared her take on the situation while catching up with Jenelle’s old producer Alexis, admitting that she did think that Kail was trying to stir up drama, but that she felt like David made it worse.

“If that’s her husband and that’s who she chose and that’s the only way I can talk to her then so be it,” Barbara said. “But Jenelle is the type of girl, she has to have a man in her life and that’s how it is. I’m done crying tears. Jenelle knows I’m here for her.”

Chelsea’s Baby Daddy Drama Continues

Chelsea Houska is still dealing with drama from Adam Lind’s parents, and she’s finally decided that enough is enough. Although Aubree usually spent certain weekends with them, Chelsea decided that it might be time for the visitations to end, since the last time Aubree was there, Adam showed up when he wasn’t supposed to be there. In the meantime, Adam himself still hadn’t made any efforts to see Aubree, even at school, where he’s allowed to see her.

Aubree seemed OK with it when Chelsea told her they were going to have to stop the visits at grandma’s house for now, but she wasn’t sure if she was really OK with it or just trying to go along with the plan — especially after Adam and his mom finally did show up for lunch.

With all the drama, Chelsea had never been closer to asking Adam to terminate his parental rights so Cole could adopt Aubree.

“I’ve been talking to my lawyer a little bit, and she thinks I need to come in and discuss my options,” Chelsea told her dad. “She said a reason to consider even asking for the adoption is because if something happened to me. She said the worst that could happen is they say no.”

Teen Mom 2 airs on MTV Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.

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