Jenna Jameson SLAMS Tito's New Girlfriend — Amber Nichole Miller Claps Back!

The messy feud between Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz is back on.

Their relationship is already littered with arrests, restraining orders and a custody battle over their two kids … and now, the former porn star is bringing her ex’s current girlfriend into the mix.

The pregnant star took to Twitter this week to shade Amber Nichole Miller, Ortiz’s GF of three years, accusing her of using her stolen property … namely, a purse.

It only escalated from there, as she then said Miller "has no self worth," before re-tweeting and replying to a bunch of her fans’ nasty comments.

Miller clearly started seeing some backlash on her own Twitter page and began responding to Jenna’s followers who were calling her out.

That didn’t sit well with Jameson, who continued to rail against Miller in another series of tweets.

But Amber wasn’t done yet either, bringing up the fact that Tito is the one who has full custody of twins Jesse and Journey.

In a tweet to another Jameson fan, Miller added, "3yrs has gone by the COURT does what is safest and healthiest for the boys period!!" When someone else said that they were both acting "like juveniles," the former ring girl added, "I do not entertain the nonsense. I refuse to get into name calling and juvenile attacks. I simply state facts."

So far, Ortiz has remained silent, but last year dissed his ex by saying she "abandoned" their boys.

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