Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt Didn’t Hook Up In Cannes [Debunked]

The tabloids just cannot get enough about the two of them getting back together. Unfortunately for them, it isn’t happening.

Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt are not reuniting, no matter how much the tabloids might want to put them back together.

The new cover of NW magazine had an image of both Aniston and Pitt, with the headline “Busted in Cannes.” Now the clear insinuation is that the the former couple were caught snooping at the Cannes Film Festival, during which the actor asked his former sweetheart to get married to him again. But the article inside talks about how Aniston & Pitt made a “top-secret visit” to the festival to pitch “several projects to movie producers.”

A so-called source reportedly told the magazine that “Brad thought it would be a great idea for them to go over and quietly network with some studio bosses.” The same source also appears to have insider knowledge about Aniston as well, going on to claim that she was “reluctant” at first to make the trip to Cannes, probably because it would bring back “painful memories” since she was there with him when the pair had traveled to Cannes in 2004 for the opening of Troy.

This source who is supposedly close to Brad Pitt, almost in a supernatural sort of way, appears to know that Aniston looked back at the 2004 trip as “one of their last happy moments as a married couple.”

Then the source goes on to say that despite the Friends star feeling uneasy at the thought of returning to Cannes, Pitt somehow convinced her to join him. This “secret trip to the French Riviera wasn’t all business,” the source tells NW, but they “got in some pleasure too” by recreating “many of the dates they had during their last trip to France together.”

To justify that such a secret rendezvous between Aniston & Pitt actually took place, the source also claims that the couple took strolls in the middle of the night so as not to attract attention. Even a picture, from their trip back in 2004, is published with the report — a clear attempt at misleading the readers into believing something is cooking between the two of them.

But the magazine fails to report how such meetings, which, if they took place would get all the paparazzi working overtime, managed to avoid the all-pervading eyes of media.

Gossip Cop spoke to a representative of Jennifer Aniston to confirm if anything of the sort did take place in Cannes, who responded by saying that the claim by NW magazine was a “complete fabrication.” People has already published extensively about why such a reunion between the couple remains highly “unlikely.”

But that wouldn’t stop tabloids from running riot with false stories about how Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt are involved romantically for the second time in their lives. For our part, we will continue debunking them.

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