Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez Have a Massive Feast After Diet Challenge

Victory is theirs! Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez celebrated the end of their 10-day diet challenge with an epic feast for the books.

The World of Dance judge, 49, and the former New York Yankees shortstop, 43, both showed off a massive meal on Instagram Stories that consisted of meat, rice, roasted veggies, salad, buffalo wings, pizza and more.

“Jennifer, please call Hoda [Kotb] Opens a New Window. , baby. It’s finally over. It is finally over,” Rodriguez said in a video posted to his Stories on Thursday, January 31, as he chowed down.

“How do you feel?” she asked.

“Never felt better,” he captioned a subsequent video.

The Grammy nominee also celebrated, writing, “Time to dig in,” on a video clip of the dishes awaiting her and “Worth the wait” on another of her burgeoning table.

The twosome has been partaking in a dietary test of willpower that involves refraining from carbs and sugar for 10 days. The challenge appears to be a spinoff of a weight-loss plan developed by Dr. Curtis Brown that encourages followers to give up seven things — bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, sugar, caffeine and milk — for the same length of time.

The Second Act star and the sports commentator announced that they would be partaking in the fun — and challenging others to do the same — with an Instagram video on January 23.

“So we’re just walking in from the gym, and we’re in the middle of our 10-day challenge, and it’s getting lonely, and we’d like to challenge, let’s challenge some people,” Lopez said in the clip. “So! No sugar, no carbs, 10 days, I’m challenging Leah Remini, I’m challenging Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, and I am challenging Hoda. Hoda! I know you’re up for a good challenge.”

Rodriguez, meanwhile, admitted he’s struggling (“I cannot wait to eat a large pizza and buffalo wings when this is over!”) before challenging businessman Gary [Veaynerchuk] (“You’re always running your mouth, try doing it with no sugar and no carbs”), Michael Strahan and Mark Mastrov to follow his lead.

Kotb, 54, for one, is taking the entrepreneur up on her offer — she even refused a bite of a massive pastry that Carson Daly attempted to tempt her with on the Today show on Wednesday, January 30 by offering to donate $5,000 to the charity of her choice.

Instead, the talk show host said she would donate the money herself, which Daly, 45, then said he would match.

She was rewarded for her strength: Lopez and Rodriguez both offered to pay it forward. “When you stand for something, you make beautiful things happen. Alex and I will match your donation @[email protected]!” the Boy Next Door star wrote on Instagram Opens a New Window. . “A lot can happen in 10 days.”

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The “On the Floor” singer’s journey started out well enough: On day four, she shared a smiling selfie Opens a New Window. that showed off her killer abs, writing, “Day 4 & feeling….. a lil better 🙂 Who’s with me?”


By day nine, however, she was ready to indulge. “Day 9 and feelin’… like I can’t wait for Day 10,” she captioned a sexy snap Opens a New Window. of herself that got the attention of both ex-boyfriend Sean “Diddy” Combs, who commented “OMG” with a heart-face emoji. Rodriguez also chimed in, writing, “Lucky me.”

Credit: Courtesy of Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

A Massive Spread

With a table set for at least 10 guests, Lopez was stocked and ready, with a dish at arms’ reach for every would-be attendee.

Credit: Courtesy of Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

Background Music

Trey Songz’ “Dive In” provided the background music to Rodriguez’s nosh-fest. 


Credit: Courtesy of Alex Rodriguez/Instagram

Carbs Galore

The athlete was all smiles as he shoveled food into his mouth at a table set with all his favorite carbs.

Credit: Courtesy of Alex Rodriguez/Instagram

Getting His Grub On

Rodriguez sat before two types of pizza, a chocolate dessert, french fries and buffalo wings as he prepared to break his carb and sugar fast.


Credit: Courtesy of Alex Rodriguez/Instagram

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