Jennifer Lopez Let Her Twins Interview Her On Camera & Yes, It Was Incredibly Adorable

Nobody knows you better than family, so this star recruited her own kids to help fans learn more about her. Jennifer Lopez had her twins interview her for a YouTube video titled "Twin Talk: AMA with Emme and Max." In the video, the "Dinero" singer sat down with both her kids, who are 11, and let them ask anything they wanted. Of course, there were plenty of silly moments, but the twins’ questions ended up revealing a lot about J. Lo’s childhood.

Lopez hoped Max and Emme would come up with unique inquiries that she hadn’t heard before. "I’ve been interviewed maybe 10 thousand million bajillion times in my life, and I mostly get asked the same questions," she said. "So I decided it would be fun if I let Emmy and Max ask me some questions."

Overall, Lopez discussed growing up with her sisters Leslie and Lynda, being a tomboy as a kid, and the role singing and dancing had in her childhood. But one of the first questions Emme asked was about her grandmother, Guadalupe. "What was it like living with Grandma?" she asked, and Lopez let out a big laugh. "She was a fun mom, first of all, she was a young mom," the singer responded. "She got married at 20, she had all three of us by the age of 26. So she had three little babies, it was like having triplets."

Lopez also noted that she never understood how difficult parenting three daughters was until she had her own children at 37. Max and Emme were born in February 2008, according to People.

However, Lopez also said her childhood household was always lively. She recalled,

The star told her kids how since her father worked nights, she spent a lot of time making up plays, putting on music, and dancing around with her mother and sisters.

Max and Emme also wanted to learn more about what their mother was like when she was young. "What was the most trouble you got in when you were a kid?" Max asked, and the answer surprised both kids. "I used to get in trouble all the time," she said. "I was a little bit like Max, I used to love to run and play. But that’s not why I got in trouble — I used to sneak out of the house."

Lopez also talked about loving sports when she was the twins’ age. "I used to like to play softball," she said. "I loved it, I played shortstop. Alex always makes fun of me that I was a shortstop, too." The video included a clip of her playing softball with her fiancé, former MLB player Alex Rodriguez.

J. Lo’s video is just the latest glimpse into family life from the star couple. On April 25, Rodriguez shared a Q&A with his daughters, Ella and Natasha, on YouTube as well, and he also opened up about certain topics tied to fatherhood.

Rodriguez and Lopez frequently post family photos on Instagram, and it’s clear these two prioritize time with the kids. Their YouTube videos offer a sweet opportunity for their kids to learn more about them — and fans might just walk away with new knowledge as well.

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