‘Jersey Shore’ Recap: Tensions Rise As Ronnie Anticipates GF’s Arrival After His Bad Behavior

Ronnie continues to deny cheating on girlfriend, Jen Harley, on the May 3 episode of ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ — but since she’s about to come visit, the situation can’t be brushed under the rug just yet! Here’s our recap!

This week’s episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation picks up with Ronnie Ortiz-Magro finding out there are videos of him dancing with another woman in the club on Instagram for his girlfriend, Jen, to see. Ronnie’s still on the defense though: He’s convinced he didn’t do anything wrong, and is pissed at Jen for not taking his calls so he can explain himself. The other guys call him out for bringing the girl home and taking her into the bathroom with the door closed, but Ronnie insists he didn’t close the door (video evidence shows otherwise). Finally, Jen answers the phone, and it’s time for them to talk it out.

Unfortunately, Ronnie doesn’t handle the conversation the right way, and throws himself under the bus by pushing Jen to talk to him about the situation, when she claims she isn’t even mad about anything! Things don’t end so well on the phone, leaving Ronnie to wonder if Jen will still come visit like she planned. Despite his rocky history with Ron, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, takes the time to give his friend a pep talk, and gets Ronnie to admit that he feels guilty and regretful for being unfaithful to his girlfriend and soon-to-be baby mama.

To help take Ronnie’s mind off the drama, the guys get ready to have a boys’ night, and Deena Cortese decides to crash, despite Vinny Guadagnino and Pauly D’s hinting that they don’t want her to join. Things get off to a better start than the guys envisioned, but then their worst fears come true when she gets too drunk and falls down…hard…more than once. By the end of the night, she fights with Vinny, gets upset about looking like a hot mess in the club, and, ultimately, winds up ruining boys’ night.

After the night out, Ronnie gets Jen on the phone again, and she agrees to come visit. This will be the first time Jen meets the roommates, and Ronnie is admittedly nervous about what will come up in front of her. Before her arrival, Ronnie has a heart-to-heart with the only other dad in the house, Pauly, who talks him through what life will be like with a baby…even if there’s no romantic relationship with the baby mama.

The episode concludes with some tenseness in the house, as Ron is super anxious about Jen coming and the rest of the housemates are anticipating what might happen. Plus, there’s been on and off drama between Ronnie and Mike throughout the entire trip so far…and no one knows what Mike will do or say if he’s tempted. We’ll have to wait and see!

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