Jimmy Fallon's Adam Sandler Impression Has His Kids Laughing Out Loud

Love Adam Sandler? You’re not alone.

Jimmy Fallon did an impression of the 53-year-old comedic actor for Thursday’s at-home edition of The Tonight Show, and his two daughters, Winnie and Franny, could not stop laughing.

Normally, the kids can be a bit of a tough crowd.

“I’ve been doing the show from my house, and I’m reading monologue jokes. Now and then, the kids will be there listening and they don’t laugh at anything. Like, not even a charity laugh,” the 45-year-old late-night host said, noting his children enjoy booing. 

However, he had the girls in stitches after the impersonation. 

“This is the first [and] only time they’ve ever laughed at me,” Fallon said.

To be fair, Sandler suggested his daughters, Sadie and Sunny, don’t always appreciate his humor, either.

“Guarantee when this is on tonight, we’ll watch it together and they will laugh at everything you say and stare at everything I say,” he said. “I think they just have it where they’re probably nervous…like, ‘Oh no. What’s he gonna say that’s awful?'”

This wasn’t the first time Fallon had done an impression of Sandler. In fact, he’s done it a few times, including on Saturday Night Live. Fallon then told the story of the first time he called Sandler and actually did the voice for him.

“You go, ‘All right, that’s good. Good luck, kid,” Fallon recalled, later adding, “You were great to me. You were so nice to me.”

In addition to talking about their families and their SNL days, the two stars shared stories about the late Robin Williams. Sandler also performed his “Quarantine Song.”

Watch the videos to see the interview. 

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