Joanna Gaines Shares Her Tips For Getting Over The Post-Holiday Blues

Forty-year-old Joanna Gaines is the queen of home makeovers and lifestyle tips, starring alongside her husband Chip Gaines on hit show Fixer Upper for five successful seasons on HGTV. The couple is kept on their toes by their five young children, and they welcomed their newest addition to the family, baby Crew, this past year. Despite the surplus of love and joy in her life, Joanna admits that even she gets a little down during this time of the year, according to People.

After the holidays have come and gone and the tree has been taken down, it is common to feel a little blue. However, Joanna uses this time of year as a fresh start to implement positive change in her life. She spoke on her blog At Home about approaching this new season with positivity and excitement for whats to come.

“When the gifts have been opened, the tree has been taken down and Christmas has passed, I start to crave simplicity and fresh inspiration in my home. There’s a moment every year after the decorations have been packed away where the house feels a little bare, but I like to look at this as my opportunity to approach our home with fresh eyes.”

Joanna likes to go through her home and eliminate clutter, first setting the mood with a fresh candle and an uplifting Spotify playlist. To counteract the dreary weather outside, she likes to try to add color wherever she can throughout her home. A simple vase of flowers on the kitchen table or a couple of new colorful throw pillows can make all the difference.

Rather than starting back to school or work with a sense of melancholy, Joanna encourages looking at the new year as a fresh start and a new chance to do better, in whatever form that might take. For her, the process starts at home, perhaps tackling a messy closet or some other task she’s long avoided doing. The sense of accomplishment that follows allows her to feel encouraged to take on her next goal.

However, she emphasizes that you don’t have to totally redecorate your home to make the most of this new season. Start small by getting to work on little projects you’ve been putting off and you’ll be surprised by how much better you feel. “Look at this as your opportunity to slow down, reset and embrace the clean slate of a new season. I hope that whatever this fresh start looks like for you, that you will approach it with pause, purpose and intention,” Joanna said.

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