John Cena Has A Lot Of Work To Do Before He & Nikki Bella Get Back Together: Why She’s ‘Scared’

Following their breakup that left both their hearts broken, it seems there’s a chance John Cena and Nikki Bella will get back together. Yet, as we’ve EXCLUSIVELY learned, he needs prove he’s ‘genuine’ about starting a life together!

One month after he and Nikki Bella, 34, broke off their engagement, John Cena, 41, admitted on live television that he still love Nikki and wants to be the “father of her children.” John finally saying he’s willing to have kids with Nikki may be like a dream come true, but as a source close to the former couple EXCLUSIVELY tells, Nikki wants to be sure she’s not in store for a rude awakening if she decides to take John back. “John is a genuine and honorable guy but Nikki wants to make sure it is not all lip service for what he said on the Today show.”

“John’s change of heart is hard for Nikki to swallow,” the insider tells, “since he was so adamant to have the complete opposite not long ago. She is scared that it might be just words and she wants John to try to win her back behind closed doors and not exactly in front of the whole world.” The WWE power couple has practically lived their entire relationship in front of a camera. From their romance on Total Divas, to John getting down on one knee in the middle of a WrestleMania ring, to their breakdown happening on this season of Total Bellas, John and Nikki’s love has been out for all to see. It seems that, for a change, Nikki wants John to be 100 with her when no one’s watching.

“Nikki is confused but also still very much in love with John,” the source added. “But, she doesn’t want her heart broken again so she is treading water. Is there a chance that her and John will get back together? Absolutely! But it is going to take a lot more than just saying he’s changed his ways on TV.”

Nikki was basically everyone when she said she was “speechless” after seeing John admit to Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb that he still loved her, and that he “just wants us to work.” While speaking with A.J. Calloway, she said that she was without words. “That’s crazy.” Later in the day, when a photographer approached her on the streets of NYC, Nikki said that there was “always a chance” that they would reunite. “He is absolutely an amazing man and sometimes you don’t have to rush to the altar.” It seems Nikki’s open to giving love with John another shot, but only if he means what he said.

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