John Cena Still Misses Ex Nikki Bella — Will He Reach Out To Wish Her A Happy Birthday?

Nikki Bella turns 35 today, so will ex John Cena getting in touch to wish her a Happy Birthday? We’ve got the details on how he still misses her.

Nikki Bella turned 35 on Nov. 21 and it’s her first birthday in six years as a single woman. She called off her wedding to John Cena in April and their longtime relationship ended for good. So will the WWE star turned actor give her a call to send his good wishes on her big day? “John is in a great place right now and has no plans on contacting Nikki for her birthday because he does not want to open up old wounds. He remembers how tough their breakup was and wants to respect Nikki by letting her focus on spending the day with family and friends,” a source close the 41-year-old hunk tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“John misses Nikki at times, but he realizes there isn’t a chance of them getting back together and while he’ll always care about her, he doesn’t see a point in wishing her a happy birthday. He wishes her nothing but the best and just wants her to enjoy her big day without any distractions,” our insider continues.

A second source tells us Nikki might be getting back in the dating pool as she moves on with her life without John. “Nikki is solely focused on herself and career right now. She’s starting to think about dating as she knows the relationship with John has officially come to a close, but she’s not quite there yet. She knows she’s over the worst of it,” the insider tells us.

“She’s still excited about moving into her own home in LA next month and she can’t wait to get in there and decorate and start fresh. Brie will help her with everything and she’s back to work with WWE appearances right away into the new year and she is really excited about what 2019 has in store for her,” the source adds. Since it’s Nikki’s birthday, it’s also that of her twin sister Brie. The ladies posed together in front in a classic Rolls Royce convertible while dressed to the nines for an early birthday pic on Nov. 19 that Nikki shared on Instagram. Nothing like two hot and talented sisters out there living life to the fullest!

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