Journal Claims That Growing Fungi And Algae Has Been Discovered On Mars

The Journal Of Astrobiology And Space Science has made the bold claim that life has been discovered on Mars. However, NASA is yet to confirm the news.

Humankind has discovered and invented so much over the course of the last couple of hundred years that it almost feels as if there is nothing left to find. However, that could not be further from the truth. There is what we assume to be an almost infinite amount of space left for us to learn about. Above all else, what we are desperate to know, is if there is anyone else out there.

If you ask us, considering the sheer amount of planets, stars, galaxies, just stuff in general that’s out there, it feels like there must be someone or something else out there. The trouble is, our journey into space has really only just begun. We haven’t found life yet because we have only explored the planets closest to us. However, one journal is claiming that we have found life on a neighboring planet. Mars.

Before you get too excited, we are not referring to the kind of Martians you see in movies. We’re not even talking intelligent life. The Daily Express has reported that the Journal Of Astrobiology And Space Science is claiming that fungi and algae has been discovered growing on the surface of Mars. If true, this would be one of the biggest discoveries of the decade.

The journal claims that the Curiosity Mars Rover has sent back 15 photos of mushrooms and algae growing on the surface of the red planet. What’s more, it describes the pictures as being “indisputable” and that they “unambiguously show mushrooms and other primitive organisms growing on the surface of Mars.” However, NASA is yet to confirm that such a groundbreaking discovery has been made.

As big fans of anything that goes on beyond our own atmosphere, we are waiting with bated breath to hear if these claims are true or not. While the supposed findings have been printed in a journal, according to Inquisitr, the journal is not listed in the top 50 most reliable sources for this type of news. If we don’t hear it from NASA then we don’t fully believe it, but when we do, we will be sure to let you know too.

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