Justin Bieber ‘Deep In Thought’ While Songwriting In Santa Barbara: Writing About Selena?

Earlier this month, Justin Bieber took a trip to Santa Barbara to spend some time alone. HollywoodLife has EXCLUSIVE details about what he was up to and how it might be related to his ex, Selena Gomez!

Justin Bieber, 24, took a trip to Santa Barbara at the beginning of May, HollywoodLife can EXCLUSIVELY reveal. “Justin was staying at the Ritz Carlton for a couple of days,” our insider confirmed. “He was all alone by the main pool all day, both days, in a robe and was writing songs. He looked deep in thought and in a creative zone. He wrote by the pool until he fell asleep. He was determined, emotional and seemed to be writing about something very close to his heart.”

Considering it was just two months ago that Justin broke up with Selena Gomez, 25, after rekindling their on-off relationship, it’s likely he has a LOT of material to pull from when it comes to songwriting. Could he have been writing about what went down with Sel?! The Biebs’ music has definitely been inspired by Selena in the past, so it certainly wouldn’t be surprising if he got personal on a song once again. Meanwhile, Selena just released her new song, “Back To You,” on May 10, and it definitely seems to be about her decision to take Justin back last year.

On the song, she sings about someone who’s “stuck in [her] head” and wanting to be with that person even while “lying close to someone else.” Remember, she was dating The Weeknd right before she got back with Justin last year! The nostalgic lyrics pretty much tell the exact story of her and Justin’s up and down relationship.

After all they’ve been through, there’s always a chance of another Jelena reunion, but for now, the breakup continues. Hopefully great music keeps coming out of it, though!

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